Boulder City, Nevada Speed Traps

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I-11 and Buchanan Blvd

Boulder City, NevadaMar 07, 20220 Comments

Just like all other Mormon-ran small towns out west, the town is full of corrupt cops whose job is to issue speeding tickets to generate revenue for the city. This is even more the case now that I-11 has been built around Boulder City, and they’re losing out on revenue from people going through the town to get to the Hoover Dam. There is always an officer sitting at the turn-around at Buchanan and I-11, and I often see vehicles pulled over going west bound. Drive with a dash cam and go under the speed limit, although the Judges and Lawyers are in on this scam too, so good luck. Ticket is $198 ticket for going 1-10 over, don’t bother getting a Lawyer as Judges won’t reduce the fine, just reduce the points.

Hwy 93/95

Boulder City, NevadaFeb 24, 20200 Comments

Exiting Hwy 93 going south on Hwy 95 towards Searchlight there is a section of highway that has a 40 mph speed limit. The cops sit at the new Hwy 11 bridge and wait for speeders. There are 3 or 4 of them and they get just about everyone coming down that highway. It is a very unexpected and inappropriate speed limit that almost every vehicle (unless you’ve been scammed before) exceeds. A great revenue producer for city of Boulder.

I-11 Boulder City bypass highway

Boulder City, NevadaApr 12, 20190 Comments

Since opening this Boulder City bypass in August of 2018, a section of the new I-11 interstate highway that will connect Salt Lake City, Utah, to Phoenix, Arizona, using much of the present Highway 93 traveling south from Las Vegas, the LV Highway Patrol, in cahoots with the Boulder City Court, has been running speed traps going both directions on the highway. There’s a 3-mile stretch about 10 miles south-east of Henderson, NV, where the cops like to lay in wait. Along this section, we have personally observed numerous times, NV Highway Patrol vehicles ticketing members of the tourism and motoring public. The clear purpose is a money-grab: from 1 to 10 mph over the 65mph limit, for example, will cost you a minimum of $189, payable to the Boulder City court. Boulder City used to be infamous as a speed trap along Highway 93/95 that cut through town — a regular revenue-generator for the police and the courts. Now it has simply switched up to the new highway. It’s too bad, because, for victims among the tourism and traveling public, it leaves a terrible residue of anger at having been preyed upon. First, Nevada builds a gorgeous stretch of highway — it truly is a wonder of engineering, with attractive designs honoring the work on the Hoover Dam which is in the vicinity — and then seeds this highway with speed traps. It seems clear, the NV Highway Patrol ‘s mission is to generate revenue, regardless of the forever-impression it creates in its victims among the tourism and motoring public. In addition to the Court and Boulder City itself, the added beneficiaries are the numerous law firms in Vegas that represent Boulder City speed trap victims who do not want to, or cannot, appear in court themselves. These lawyers, for an inexpensive fee of $50 to $75, work with the prosecutors’ office to knock down charges to parking violations — but the court will not reduce the fine. BEWARE when driving the new I-11 Boulder City bypass! There are sharks in gray SUVs just itching to take a big bite out of your wallet, and ruin your trip.

Entering Nevada/Exiting Nevada on the 93

Boulder City, NevadaMay 24, 20151 Comments

Going thru Boulder City speed limit is 35 in a commercial/business district. Then when it seems you have exited Boulder City as your on a down hill grade it is nothing but what seems as open road. Got pulled over for going 70 in a 45. However didn’t see 45 mph sign till the cop was pulling myself and the only other car on the road over. Explained to the cop that we’re from out of state going to the Grand Canyon, etc, etc. Cop cuts me off tells me he would have pulled me over if I was doing 46 in a 45. No warning, no breaks no mercy….I knew it was a trap because the cop told me he was giving me a break by marking my speed at 50 in a 45….because at 70/45 is big fine. So I asked him how much will the 50/45 be? He lied to me and said he didn’t know but the price was printed as clear as day on the ticket he was in a rush to ticket the other car he simultaneously pulled over! Coming back from the Grand Canyon saw the same thing 2 ars pulled over at once this time it wasn’t me I did 33/35!

Around Hoover Dam Lodge

Boulder City, NevadaApr 30, 20150 Comments

Coming from Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon West on 93, the speed drops to 35mph and is poorly marked and on a multi-lane road. Never saw a change in the speed limit. Speed limit changes probably blocked by large trucks and commercial vehicles. Pulled over west of Boulder City Dam Lodge on 93. Two of us pulled over by the same cop; at the same time, and while we were there 5 more vehicles were pulled over by 3 more police cars that stopped right in front of us. The cop laughed and said they had a zero tolerance for speeders. When I questioned the poorly marked speed limit change he stated that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but what he really meant was ignorance of speed traps is expensive. I figure in the space of 15 minutes the city collected over $2000 in fines from unsuspecting motorists. Probably not locals as they prey on tourists who probably won’t fight the ticket. Please help get the word out about Boulder City’s speed traps. Thanks

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