Hampton, New Hampshire Speed Traps

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Rt. 51/101 East/West Landing Rd. to Rt 1 Exit

Hampton, New HampshireAug 07, 20140 Comments

Appears when they finished with the Rt 51 Bridge construction they left the 35mph signs up on Rt. 51 between Rt 1 and Landing Rd. Lights.
It used to be 55 mph from Rt 95 east until the 35 mph prior to the Landing Rd lights. HPD is just sitting there picking everyone off. Tickets and warnings.

Anchor St & Ocean Blvd

Hampton, New HampshireOct 18, 20090 Comments

This is the southern end of a picturesque beach drive, which interesting has prohibitions on parking by out-of-towners. I observed one cop sitting at both ends of a section that has diagonal parking and rest rooms in-between 2 lanes in each direction. One sat where 101E intersects 1A, the coast road; the other sat just before 1A meets 101W.

US Highway 95 North near Hampton Toll Booth

Hampton, New HampshireJul 10, 20070 Comments

NH State Highway Patrol will sit under the three-four bridges on the northbound side of 95North after the Hampton Toll booth, taking speeders zooming out of the tolls. They seem to go after those exceeding 75mph. You really can’t see them, and I’ve detected both instant-on radar and laser. Watch it!

State Highway 101

Hampton, New HampshireMay 15, 20050 Comments

If you’re driving to or from Hampton Beach at night via Route 101, when you begin to see a major intersection in the road (the only major intersection), the speed limit drops drastically from 55 if you’re coming from the east and 50 if you’re coming from the west to 35. Most cars can travel through safely under 50, but anything above that, the police that lurk there at night consider it fair game. The cars can usually be found either on the left or the right side of the highway perpendicular to the set of lights that marks the intersection. Those sidestreets are perfect alcoves. It’s especially tough to see them if you come from the east. I’ve never gotten a ticket at this intersection, but I’ve seen at least 10 cars pulled over in that area in the last year, and I really don’t even use the highway that often. Excluding the beach itself, this stretch of highway leading to the beach is the most cop-populated and ominous in Hampton.

State Highway 1 near State Route 101

Hampton, New HampshireDec 21, 20030 Comments

there is a split in route on that forms the intersecton with route 101. The police sit just past the bridge on the northbound side of tghe road with radar. The speed limit changes from 45 to 35 mph at teh beginging of the split. Traffic usuallly moves in excess of 45 mph

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