Salem, New Hampshire Speed Traps

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RT 97 AKA Main Street

Salem, New HampshireApr 01, 20100 Comments

Between the intersection of Lawerence Rd and Hamstead St both East and West bound. This is a main drag where motorist routinely cruise at 50mph the speed limit is 30mph. The Salem police have been cracking down and setting up traps in this area.

State Route 28

Salem, New HampshireSep 15, 20080 Comments

Entire section of Route 28 through Salem, NH (north and south bound) is heavy patrolled and has changing speed traps. Speed limit is 30mph on a 4-lane road (2NB and 2SB). Police will use the act of going just a couple of miles over the limit to initiate a field sobriety test. The police also wait in parking lots adjacent to bars and restaurants waiting for the patrons to leave so they can stop them for whatever reason they choose. Police have also marked vehicles (with chalk or grease pencil) in parking lots adjacent to restaurants and bars so they can easily identify how long a car was park there. Many bar and restaurant staff have been harassed in Salem while leaving work simply because their cars were parked at the restaurant to long. The reasons for being pulled over have included being over the limit (32 in a 30), being under the limit (25 in a 30), failure to use a directional, music was too loud (even if it wasn�t on), and we were looking for a car fitting this description, etc�

The towns people voted down a proposition to raise taxes to build a new police station so I think they (the police) are raising their own money by making unnecessary stops and the harassment of motorists.

State Route 111 near State Route 28

Salem, New HampshireNov 10, 20070 Comments

(the naming of it being on Rt 111 will likely change soon, as they’re just finishing up a "new" rt 111 a mile or so north to streamline traffic, but. .) On Rt 111 in Salem, close to Rt 28, police will reglarly sit in the Town’s DPW station where the snowplows and salt piles are kept for the winter, waiting for traffic which hasn’t slowed yet from 55 to 30mph.

US Highway 93 North near Exit Number 1

Salem, New HampshireSep 12, 20071 Comments

Immediately after exit 1, the lanes drop from 3 to 2 lanes.

Troopers will sit in the far right lane after the bridge and pull people over for driving in the breakdown lane after the far right lane (the previous 3rd lane) ends.

State Route 28 near Dyer Avenue

Salem, New HampshireFeb 15, 20060 Comments

The officers set up on the North bound side, catching the South bound travelers. The speed limit drops from 35 mph to 30 mph in this area, although traffic is regularly moving at a speed of 50 mph

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