Fort Lee, New Jersey Speed Traps

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Fort Lee, New JerseyNov 06, 20150 Comments

Cops will sit here USING LASER GUNS TO OBTAIN YOUR SPEED some times they are on Motorcycles so you can not even see them they are hiding back down on Coolidge street that intersects with leomoine ave . careful just do 25mph or even 20mph

Rte 1/9/46 N in Fort Lee, NJ to GWB

Fort Lee, New JerseyAug 19, 20100 Comments

If the traffic is bad on this main access road to the GWB – DO NOT ride the breakdown lane. The PO’s stand in the bushes on the side of the road near teh Hess station and just walk out and point you over for a ticket. You have no chance to see them and then you are nailed. Hope you read this vs getting a ticket like I seem the constantly give frommy vantage point. Good Luck!!! Also, thanks for all the info and I can confirm all the other FLNJ posts!!! Careful here!!

On Route 9W near Fort Lee High School

Fort Lee, New JerseyMay 31, 20100 Comments

I’ve lived in this area for 30 years and there is definitely a speed trap along the 1block north (the overpass) to two blocks south (to George Washington Bridge Plaza) of the high school. The speed limit is 25 in that are and I have seen them park under the overpass (they get you before you see them) or stand and wave you over car after car just as you exit from there going southbound. Now somethimes they get you a block more south because people know about it and speed up coming out of there if they don’t see anyone. Sometime’s they sit in the parking lot of the JCC. Or they’re parked in front of the school or by the Plaza.

Hudson Terrace @ Bridge Plaza

Fort Lee, New JerseyMay 31, 20100 Comments

This is a trap of all trades more than just a speed trap. Occassionally I have seen up to six police officers on Hudson Terrace northbound right in front of the George Washington Bridge Park. They set up right there and along the surround and leading up to streets and will nail you for anything at all. Registration, insurance, speeding, anything at all. They pull you over into the driveway of the park. You can’t get out of it and they have several cars pulled over at once. Watch out! They were just doing it again three days ago around 1pm.

LeMoine Ave, off G.W. Bridge

Fort Lee, New JerseyApr 19, 20100 Comments

When exiting from the Palisades Interstate Parkway at this exit, the limit drops from 50 mph on the ramp to an immediate 30 mph upon leaving the ramp. He was ticketed and said about 15 other cars were also pulled over for apparently the same thing.

Port Authority, State, County and local enforcement coming off G.W. Bridge. Cops sit under first over pass off bridge and in truck inspection area coming off the lower level.

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