North Brunswick, New Jersey Speed Traps

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Corner of Rt 27 N and Huron rd (Light at WellsFargo)

North Brunswick, New JerseyAug 17, 20170 Comments

I was going to turn left on Bennett’s lane off of Rt 27N where the Wells Fargo is and decided to go straight instead. I came out of line of the left hand turn lane using my signal and a procession of cars followed. As I approached Huron Rd (the street on the right) a North Brunswick PD suv pulled out lights on, with the patrolman exiting the vehicle and signalling for myself and the two vehicles behind me to turn onto the side street. He politely asked for the necessities when getting pulled over, backed the SUV back beyond my vehicle and issued a citation for 39:4-85–Improper Passing. That is an $85 fine with 4 points. He did not give an in depth explanation, stating generally that driving on the shoulder was prohibited and the two separate portions after Huron were not technically lanes. He also stated to refer to the ticket for any questions. Fyi this patrolman was all business professional. He did everything by the book.

Rt 27 and Cozzens (Wawa) during AM rush hour

North Brunswick, New JerseyMar 28, 20150 Comments

Local residents know of the congestion caused at this intersection and mile long backups due to growing population and infrastructure not yet up to date to support the growth.

As a result of the short turning lane from Rt 27 Northbound on to Cozzens, be aware, that North Brunswick Police officer sits in the Wawa lot every morning behind the tall brush waiting for drivers to move over into the shoulder approaching the start of the turning lane. Officer then pulls over driver on Cozzens and issues citation for “improper passing” – a 4 point offense. At that time, officer will also do a full check of automobile looking for any other petty “offenses” he can issue citations for.

Police officer and/or department are doing this not as a safety enforcement measure, but as a revenue generator.

Local residents and others who travel this corridor in the morning should take note.

Rt 1

North Brunswick, New JerseyFeb 10, 20111 Comments

North Brunswick PD love to pull over people on Route 1 just after Rt 130 on the south bound side right before the Chilli’s restaurant. Be very careful the speed limit is only 50. Most of the time they are in a unmarked car. Be aware!

area past shoprite on both directions

North Brunswick, New JerseyJun 05, 20100 Comments

officers back a suv into woods, gets traffic in both directions, he never moves pass it onto waiting partol cars

Willowbrook Drive /Cozzens lane

North Brunswick, New JerseyMay 19, 20100 Comments

When turning on to willowbrook drive they (police)usually hang out past the speed bump 1/4 mile after turn just before Towne Center.Speed limit is 25 but temptation will push you faster.Just check out the horizon and see if the car is hanging out…….

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