Morehead City, North Carolina Speed Traps

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Morehead City and Bogue Island

Morehead City, North CarolinaMay 27, 20110 Comments

This area is a police state with four times more police cruisers than average for size of population. An unsuspecting motorist is under constant surveillance, and road stops are not uncommon, normally conducted by the State Highway Patrol. Do not drive after dark, and pass on having a glass of wine with dinner, if you were so inclined.

US70 at the base of the high rise bridge over the Newport Ri

Morehead City, North CarolinaMay 28, 20100 Comments

A marked cruiser has been hiding from the base of the bridge to the first traffic light in the downtown area.

Arendell Street

Morehead City, North CarolinaMar 20, 20081 Comments

The area of Arendell Street descending the Morehead Bridge to The History Place. The unrealistic speed for this area is 20mph. The city police are parked in alleys (especially early mornings) awaiting their prey.

US Highway 70 near State Port Area

Morehead City, North CarolinaSep 02, 20060 Comments

This area, known as Downtown Morehead City, has a speed limit of 20 mph for approximately five blocks. There is little to no pedestrian travel and very few shops. Once a year the NC Seafood Festival is held here, and at that time it would be a safe speed; but the other fifty-one weekends of the year it is simply a place for money to be made by the locality.

US Highway 70 near Bridges Street

Morehead City, North CarolinaNov 02, 20051 Comments

Police routinely sit with all lights off in vacant/mostly parking lots facing traffic in both directions after dark, and are likely to give warnings or tickets depending on speed. Enforcement is heaviest between the marinas and the community college because of abundant hiding spots with a clear view of the road. I think their primary focus here is DUI offenders, but they WILL give speeding tickets. Less than 5 over and they will probably ignore you. The higher you go over 5 the more likely you are to get pulled. The community college (next to the Civic Center) is a very popular spot as it’s also next to a law enforcement training facility.

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