Halifax, Nova Scotia Speed Traps

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MacDonald Bridge Halifax

Halifax, Nova ScotiaJul 29, 20120 Comments

2 women had on yellow vest and shorts at the end of the MacDonald Bridge Halifax side. They had a portable radar gun by there side and when a car got really close she held up the gun and clocked the car. Then she pointed here finger at the car and radioed to a police car to stop it. I seen this happen 3 times while i waited for the light to change to go on the bridge. time was Sunday 940:AM

Lucasville Road

Halifax, Nova ScotiaSep 29, 20110 Comments

This is their home away from home….I`m sure they make the wages up for a good percentage of the police dept here…if they were really interested in safety, don`t you think they would put up better signs to warn you it`s only 50 klicks in that area…

St. Margarets Bay Road in Timberlea

Halifax, Nova ScotiaFeb 21, 20110 Comments

Inbound just before the Anglican church the speed drops from 70 to 50 around the 2800 civic numbers. The RCMP park just around the bend in the 50 km zone with the radar on – especially when school is in session. Slow Down.

Inbound on the 102 at the Ackerley Exit

Halifax, Nova ScotiaDec 27, 20103 Comments

As you head into Halifax on the 102 and round the corner headed downhill just before the first exit to Burnside Industrial Park. At least on cop there all the time.

Southbound on Northwest Arm Drive

Halifax, Nova ScotiaOct 29, 20100 Comments

As Dunbrack Street becomes Nortwest Arm Drive at the overpass crossing the 102 they set up in a small parking area next to the off ramp from the 102 to catch cars accelerating out of the school zone onto this open stretch of road.

Didn’t getcha? Beware of the second car parked at the water pumping station hidden around the turn to the right.

Think you’re home free? Third car waiting at the intersection with Old Sambro Road.

Nortwest Arm Drive is all limited access and all cross streets have traffic lights with prior warning lights if your lane is red or is about to change from green but is not a place to be over the limit!!

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