Halifax, Nova Scotia Speed Traps

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Southbound on Northwest Arm Drive

Halifax, Nova ScotiaOct 29, 20100 Comments

As Dunbrack Street becomes Nortwest Arm Drive at the overpass crossing the 102 they set up in a small parking area next to the off ramp from the 102 to catch cars accelerating out of the school zone onto this open stretch of road.

Didn’t getcha? Beware of the second car parked at the water pumping station hidden around the turn to the right.

Think you’re home free? Third car waiting at the intersection with Old Sambro Road.

Nortwest Arm Drive is all limited access and all cross streets have traffic lights with prior warning lights if your lane is red or is about to change from green but is not a place to be over the limit!!


Halifax, Nova ScotiaSep 23, 20101 Comments

Cop parks on the overpass and can get cars coming both ways. There are usually three chase cars parked on the Ramp.

Highway 102 at Pennington Ave.

Halifax, Nova ScotiaAug 04, 20102 Comments

Coming inbound on 102 as you enter Halifax near Romans Ave / Bayers Rd the police set up to get you from the 90 to 70 to 50 km zone.

A. Murray MacKay Bridge Inbound to Halifax

Halifax, Nova ScotiaApr 28, 20100 Comments

On your way out of Dartmouth via Highway 111 aka ‘the Circumferential Highway’ the speed drops from 80km to 50km maybe 1km or so before the bridge. There is a slight right turn in the highway and you can’t see the bridge until you get around it. The police always park just before the toll gates and they clock you as soon as you come around that turn!

Quinpool Road inbound Halifax 1/4 mile past Rotary

Halifax, Nova ScotiaApr 19, 20102 Comments

Just prior to a hill and left bend in Quinpool there is a cul-du-sac on the right leading to a small island in the NW Arm. The police hide in this and get drivers accelerating from the Rotary proceeding to city centre.

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