Linndale, Ohio Speed Traps

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Memphis @ Avenue of Peace

Linndale, OhioAug 02, 20141 Comments

Be careful I just received a “Notice of Liability” from the Village of Linndale. I was traveling on in the Northbound lane just before crossing over the top of I-71. Some one needs to put a stop to Linndale doing this!

CAMERA: S.B. 117th @ Ave of Peace – tunnel under train track

Linndale, OhioDec 31, 20130 Comments

With all the ticket revenue they’ve captured over the past few years [some apparently shown to be captured illegally], they invested in a SPEED CAMERA. It’s focused on the south-bound lane traveling along 117th Street (Memphis Ave) at the intersection of Avenue of Peace. This is right before you head into the little tunnel under the train tracks.

There may be more than one … maybe northbound as well? Not sure.

Take note of the SERIOUS disrepair of the road conditions in this decrepit 300-yard stretch or road — horribly potholed and cracked. Looks like it hasn’t seen 10 cents of maintenance in 50 years. Yet they have the $ to invest in a speed camera. Yes – that’s what this country is coming to.

West 117th Street at Avenue of Peace

Linndale, OhioJul 28, 20130 Comments

Watch out while traveling north or southbound on West 117th Street just south of Bellaire Ave. You are now in Linndale! Speed limit is 25, a Linndale cruiser sits on a side street just south of Bellaire known as the "Avenue of Peace" shooting radar at motorists. Beware!

Memphis ave just east of Bellaire Road

Linndale, OhioApr 10, 20110 Comments

Police will sit in parking lot across from Burger King and shoot laser for both directions of Memphis ave. This is a 25 mph zone. Linndale police are very intolerant of speeds above 30 here. Motorists have been know to be pulled over for 27mph. This area is a huge revenue generator for the city.

Bellaire and 117th

Linndale, OhioJul 05, 20100 Comments

Another Linndale money-maker,… Going North on 117th the speed is 25MPH before you cross Bellaire then it turns to 35MPH. There is a Burger King with a side street (Shamrock) next to it that has its own traffic light 100 feet from the Bellaire intersection (why?). They sit in the lot across from the BK hidden by the trees or in the parking lot next to Shamrock and ticket for speed or running through a yellow, or that quick rolling right turn through the red. You don’t see them as you go under the bridge.

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