Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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209th and 65th st (between 61st & 71st

Broken Arrow, OklahomaAug 03, 20140 Comments

This is kind of a speed trap, however, its more of a stop sign ticket hot spot, heres how it isn’t right, 65th st comes to a T at 209th, 209th runs north and south, 65th is a dead end with about 12 houses, however, it is a 3 way stop. This stop sign is not even needed, in fact; it doesn’t even meet the city’s criteria for even getting a stopsign installed. They have wrote more tickets here than any other stopsign area. This is wrong because the stopsign is simply unessassary. It is also hidden by thick evergreen trees, so hiding is easy for one with cop blood. The city, when asked, stated, “well, emotions are kind of high, because somebody was killed there about 30 years ago”. Since when did we start running Broken Arrow based on emotions? If we put a stopsign everywhere somebody has died, we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. Just a warning on this little cop hot spot

209th between 41st and 31st

Broken Arrow, OklahomaAug 03, 20140 Comments

Be careful drivers, for some reason they have this posted as 30 MPH and every other road just like it is 40, and they love it., update, it is 35, but in some places 30

east bound broken arrow expressway 161st exit

Broken Arrow, OklahomaApr 19, 20110 Comments

On certain Fridays near the end of the month some times near holidays they set a city work truck up the on ramp west side with radar the east bound on ramp is full of police cars and motorcycles ,as you pass they get you on the other side , I’ve seen as many as 7 cars pulled over

Kiowa, OK Rte 69 towards Dallas

Broken Arrow, OklahomaFeb 07, 20111 Comments

I was in no rush, being very careful to watch for all speed limit signs. The officer was polite, so no complaints there. But his story didn’t ring true. I was going at least 5 MPH less than he said, and did not see any sign showing the limit dropped to 40mph. i politely asked where it was, and he just said “you must have missed it.” He ended our conversation by letting me know that i could call their offices to find out how to keep the ticket off of my record. It turns out they will wipe it off my record after 90 days of clean driving for an additional $100. With one ticket in the last 25 years, I think I’ll take my chances. They should be ashamed of themselves…this is legalized stealing.

Bass Pro Drive (61st) Eastbound

Broken Arrow, OklahomaJan 29, 20110 Comments

On Bass Pro Drive, eastbound, the speed limit is 35mph, all the way down the hill, THEN, at the very bottom, it goes up to 45. The BAPD sits and waits at the bottom.

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