Elmore City, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Town limits

Elmore City, OklahomaApr 06, 20180 Comments

Not sure they know where the town limits are. They stop at the ag barn which is 1 mile out of city limits. Stop north of city limits up to about 3 miles out of city limits.


Elmore City, OklahomaMar 16, 20180 Comments


Highway 74 (North of town)

Elmore City, OklahomaJul 20, 20130 Comments

Police officers are posting up in driveways along the highway and clocking people between the 55 mph and 65 mph speed limit postings. I was pulled over last night for doing "45 in a 55" per the ticket, though the officer said he clocked me doing 55 in a 45, shortly before the speed limit changed to 65 (I could clearly see the 65 mph sign only a few yards ahead of me). He also crossed out two other "speeds" I was traveling at on the ticket (65 and 55) before settling on 45. Be careful here. There were two officers, and both were VERY busy pulling people over. This whole thing reeks of officers trying to reach a quota, and I can say with certainly I was not speeding (and thanks to the officer, my ticket confirms that in fact, I was traveling 10 UNDER the posted limit).

Elmore City

Elmore City, OklahomaDec 11, 20120 Comments

Check out 11/7/2012 story on Channel 9 news about Police Chief being fired because the Mayor demanded that he write 10 tickets a day..”because the town needs the money” !!!!!!!

Elmore City on Hwy. 29 Approx. 1/4 Mile East of 4-way Stop

Elmore City, OklahomaMar 31, 20100 Comments

I was headed east on Hwy. 29 one late evening and was paying close attn. to my speed near the high school as I’d been stopped before in this very same area. I was doing “20” until I reached the “35” and began to speed up when the light came on behind me and the policeman told me I was doing 35 in a 20. I told him I wasn’t because I was purposely watching my speed. I got a ticket anyway. I contested it in the City Court with City Judge presiding. When I told them I was contesting it due to the fact that I was carefully watching my speed as Elmore City was known as a speed trap – they (the Judge and the cop) got really irate and rude, red-faced and asked me if I knew the “meaning of a speed-trap!” I told them I understood it to be an area where a high number of tickets were given out. The policeman quickly and angrily informed me it meant that the city got at least 70% of it’s revenue from tickets. Then I questioned the accuracy of his speed gun and he even got madder – he told me that he taught the classes on calibrating the guns. I still had to pay my ticket. While I was waiting for my turn, a 16 yr. old boy (with his mother) was contesting a ticket he had received for a tail light being out. He had received a warning previously and had taken his truck to a shop, had his receipt showing what and when it was repaired but unbeknownst to them, the fuse had burned out again – this time they found out the problem was in the wiring and had it “fixed” again. The city judge showed no understanding – even though they thought they had the problem remedied after the first time. He gave the 16 yr. old a ticket, which we all know what that did to his insurance rate! From then on, I’ll go several miles out of my way to avoid Elmore City!

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