Elmore City, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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State Highway 29

Elmore City, OklahomaDec 14, 20070 Comments

I pulled into the local convenience store for my wife to use the restroom. As I was waiting out side my truck I noticed that they local cop parked just out of the way in the dark. As I left the store I was pulled over and asked for my DR and insurance. As this was happening a 2nd officer taped on the passengers door to ask my wife for her DR. As this was happening a "drug Dog" was circling my truck. The dog supposedly "HIT" on my truck. After a very unorthodox search of my truck including doing a "TEST" on a substance in my sons tote bag It was actually left over crumbs from a 6 month old Cinnamon roll. and tearing our belongings apart they said we can go. This is the biggest bunch of KEYSTONE COPS I HAVE EVER SEEN. Ask what we were doing with "so many" Prescription drug with our name on them and in the proper containers stated "what is this a rolling pharmacy" had to explain to this 23 YR OLD cop our medical background and why we needed these Prescriptions. It was about 32 degrees light freezing rain howling wind and this wannabe may the comment as I was in the back of his car about how cold it was and he needed gloves. In the mean time my wife had to stand out in this cold rain with only a light jacket and no gloves. She asked why we were pulled over she was told to shut up and stand back.This whole stop was humiliating,unlawful and degrading. We were never told why we were pulled over a clear violation of the 4th amendment. A total on 4 cops were used in this stop. wonderfull use of our Tax Dollars.

State Highway 29 near Lindsey & Smith Avenue

Elmore City, OklahomaOct 15, 20070 Comments

Town of 756 people has 2 policeman working at 10:54 pm sitting in a parking lot together. They got 2 vehicles at the same time for doing the same speed – 54 in a 35. Small signs prevented travelers to see speed limit postings. They challenged the Insurance and what was in both vehicles since all of the occupants were under 25 years of age.

State Highway 29 near Haskel Street

Elmore City, OklahomaApr 18, 20060 Comments

In town the speed limit is 35 mph. As you leave the town you pass Prichard Ave. twenty feet from a 45 mph sign. just under a mile after that you will pass Haskel street. Where a cop in an unmarked Tan Blazer is waiting for you to pass. He pulls in behind you and follows you passed the next 45 mph sign to the edge of the city limits, and pulls you over just before the 55 mph sign. He tells you that you were doing 45 in a thirty five and writes you a ticket. Pay attention to the ticket. Writes on that you were doing 45 near Prichard, which is three miles behind you now, and not in fact where he actually pulled in behind you at, and although the 45 mph sign is 20 ft away Prichard is still in a 35 mph zone. This one is the worst $109.00 trap I have ever seen, and I will take any route I can to avoid Elmor City.

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