Goodwell, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Within Goodwell, especially 40 MPH or less zones.

Goodwell, OklahomaMar 07, 20170 Comments

40 MPH on US 54 posted within Goodwell. No tolerance! This is a college community and well-known speed trap. Often, more than one cop watching. Court likely not friendly, so if ticketed, prepare accordingly.

Highway 54 between Stratford & Goodwell at state line

Goodwell, OklahomaJul 30, 20111 Comments

Highway 54 going North East. Just as you enter Oklahoma you crest a hill and the speed limit drops in Oklahoma.

The Highway Patrol are making a living nailing people as they enter Oklahoma. Exactly what you would expect from Oakies.

Hwy 54 west side of town

Goodwell, OklahomaMay 26, 20111 Comments

sit in rest area/park on south side of road where speed limit increases from 40 to 50 miles per hour heading west out of town

Rest Stop or Gas Station along Hwy. 54

Goodwell, OklahomaMar 20, 20101 Comments

If you have an out of state license plate, I wouldn’t speed at all going through Goodwell. You don’t need to avoid the town altogether like some have suggested, just don’t speed and you’ll be fine. The speed limits are tricky though, it goes very quickly from 65 to 50 to 40 all the way until the other end of town (way further than it needs to be), then gradually speeds back up. I have been pulled over for speeding up too quickly, but they were nice and just gave me a warning.

Near Maple Ave on HWY 54

Goodwell, OklahomaMar 01, 20101 Comments

Officers wait around and pick a random car once their radar goes off. The court is open once a month so good luck trying to fight a ticket here, especially if you are passing through and don’t live here.

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