Krebs, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Krebs, Oklahoma Hwy 69

Krebs, OklahomaSep 10, 20150 Comments

Traveling south on 69 to Dallas. Got nabbed in this well known speed trap (now that I found this website). I asked the officer where he was hiding. He told me he was not hiding but just in a place where I couldn’t see him. We chuckled and I had the fine privilege to take his ticket. Ticket machine he had, takes your picture instead of your signature. I will make sure to slow down when traveling through this area.

Krebs City, County of Pittsburg, OK

Krebs, OklahomaMay 15, 20150 Comments

Did not realize that the speed limit has dropped from 70 to 60 and then to 55 suddenly while was driving 75 MPH on the way South to Dallas, TX. Cop is very nice but obviously not helpful to avoid the ticket!

Between Electric Av. and 270 on US 69

Krebs, OklahomaJul 23, 20111 Comments

Krebs is operating a speed trap on US 69 and they run it 24/7. You are not safe at even 5MPH over the 55 mph speed limit on the super busy highway will get you a ticket. Krebs is a very small minor town that has a restaurant named
Speed Trap BBQ. It’s just one of several small towns that run traps north of McAlester…
The officer was nice and I have no complaints with him just with the speed trap.
I was going north on 69 at about 1130 PM in a line of traffic mostly 18 wheelers when behind a safety sign in the middle of the highway divider sat the cop. I’m a 100% SCDAV with a DAV disabled tag but it did me no good with him. The cop actually seemed embarrassed when he handed me the ticket.

I did note that he was driving a new car and used the new electronic ticket device so the trap is working.
Of note, my ticket contained 2 mistakes one was me being clocked at 65 while “parked” so check your new printout ticket for errors!

US Highway 69 near electric ave Bypass

Krebs, OklahomaOct 10, 20070 Comments

Krebs police dept patrols from electric ave to hwy 270 bypass. They hide their car in front of safety pilons on North side of bridge. Ive seen almost pull out in front of on-coming traffic to give a 5 MPH over the speed limit ticket.

US Highway 270 near US Highway 69

Krebs, OklahomaAug 28, 20070 Comments

Traveling west on Highway 270 toward McAlester, OK there are several small communities in a row from Hartshorne, OK to McAlester, OK. The speed limit goes back and forth as you drive through the communities. The last one before getting to McAlester is Krebs. The speed limit drops from 65 to 50 when you top a bit of a rise. I got to visit with the fine policeman in the parking lot of a BBQ restaurant with the name of "Speed Trap BarBQue". I kid you not.

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