Yale, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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East side of Yale H Street

Yale, OklahomaJun 18, 20160 Comments

Sits on hwy 51 and H st. He sits in the parking lot across from the dairy hut. Make sure you set your cruise control on 35mph.

East on Hwy 51 at the Jim Thorpe Park

Yale, OklahomaNov 06, 20140 Comments

I was traveling East on Hwy 51 and increased my speed from 35 to 45 when I entered the 45 mile speed zone. The officer was parked in the park area which is in the 35 mile speed zone area. He pulled me over for speeding and I was charged with hefty fine. I am a very good driver and this was the first speeding ticket I have ever received and I have been driving for over 47 years. I am a long time Payne County resident and it is a known fact that Yale is known for their drug users, burglaries,etc. I think that is a shame that the police department puts all their efforts into speed traps instead of fighting crime and cleaning up their town. I have paid my fine, but no longer support the town of Yale by shopping, eating, purchasing gas or anything.else that would generate sales tax revenue. I think this is the best way to put a stop to this type of abuse of law enforcement upon law abiding citizens in these small towns. I might add that when I appeared for traffic court, which was a joke…was like appearing in a “kangaroo court” setting; you were not allowed to speak on your behalf. It was “pay or shut up”. I was very disappointed because not only did I feel like I had been wrongly charged with an unlawful fine but not given the right to plea my side.

Yale Oklahoma…highway 51 towards cemetery turn off

Yale, OklahomaApr 17, 20110 Comments

We are from out of town and was heading to my grandmother’s funeral in Yale. The service was in Ponca City where I lived, but the graveside was in Yale. My wife, brother and sister were with me. Me and my brother were pall men. He stopped us at 1:40 pm. Funeral was to start at 2pm I obeyed all speed limits through the town, I know how these small town cops treat “outsiders”. Once through the town in goes back into the highway. Speed limit goes to 45, 55, then 65. There was a little truck in front of me going way under the speed limit. So I passed him. By the time I hit the 65 mph zone I was going 65. He pulled me over. I told him from the start I had a very important funeral that I couldn’t be late to. He didn’t care and said I was a threat to society. He sat in his car for 15 minutes. At this point I was boiling, to make a long story short. The funeral was waiting on us, they had to find 2 other people to do our pall role. It was humiliating. This is something i will never be able to make up. That is my memory of my grandmother’s funeral. He told me I was going 65 in a 45 but on the ticket he wrote 63 in 45. This cop is the police chief of Yale also. My court is tomorrow. So I have to drive 1 1/2 hours. I would just pay it…but I’m still very upset about this. I was no threat, I didn’t even care about getting a ticket. It was the manner he did it, He made sure to take the longest time he could, he was very rude, and didn’t care at all about us getting to the funeral. He should of stopped the car in front of me for impeding traffic. I’m not very familiar with Yale but it was on Highway 51 a little ways before the first Greenwood Cemetery turn off. If anyone has any tips to help me in court, let me know. Thanks

US Highway 51 near Jim Thorpe Park

Yale, OklahomaNov 03, 20050 Comments

The cop sits by the second park entrance and waits for people goin east he sits on the north side of the highway


Yale, OklahomaSep 21, 20032 Comments

When you are coming through Yale at night I would drive the speed limit 35. When you are coming into town eastbound, he sits under the hill on the southside of the road where the speed limit goes to 35. You can only see him if your going west. He also sits at the gas station just below the hill. When you are going on the highway past downtown, he sits at this old gas station by the high school geting speeders coming west. TRAP! Then he sits at the dairy hut blacked out and at the park. When you are going through town beware of a chevy caprice black and white sitting in the alleys by the high school and the storage buildings. If you drive through here beware of the cop sitting in the parking lots, alleys, gas stations, driveways, on the shoulder or between houses. Believe me. Drive 35 or you will be stopped.

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