Portland, Oregon Speed Traps

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I5 South Entering Oregon

Portland, OregonApr 11, 20130 Comments

There is a speed trap positioned off I5 South where it enters Oregon. I saw a cruiser parked just off the freeway in the dirt near an exit ramp with a another one positioned at the intersection of N. Marine way and N. Vancouver Way.

On Hwy 43 (SW Macadam Ave) just south of the Sellwood Bridge

Portland, OregonMar 18, 20132 Comments

This is a van parked on the West side of the road just south of the Sellwood Bridge and just inside the "orange flagged construction zone". The issue here is there is not a posted speed limit…just a flagger north of the bridge holding a stop/slow sign. Once south of the bridge there is no construction occurring but orange signs are still present. Another controversy…the van is parked just in front of the very visible 45mph sign and the "end construction zone" sign. Teaser!!! I’m sure many a Portlander will be crossing their fingers here.

Between the freeway exit (205) and 122nd Ave

Portland, OregonMar 14, 20130 Comments

The usual dirty white (or baby blue) van parked in front of another car blocking the government plates. Observations suggests that the cop who sets up these traps uses his own personal vehicles to block the van plates. This trap is set at the top of a blind hill going up SE Division Street. There is ONLY one speed sign for the entire 3 miles of road. A almost hidden 35 MPH sign. This portion of Division is at a 70 % grade to climb. Large trucks or heavy vehicles slow down to a dangerous pace of around 10 miles an hour or less. This makes it impossible to maintain the 35 MPH and remain safe.

NE Glisan and 114th Ave

Portland, OregonNov 27, 20120 Comments

Police radar truck.

Heading Eastbound on West Burnside St. at 19th

Portland, OregonMay 15, 20120 Comments

Red light and speed camera on West Burnside as you are heading Eastbound across from McDonalds. On all the time. Tickets show license plates, facial photos and videos with speed. Hard to fight.

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