Goose Creek, South Carolina Speed Traps

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At the intersection of henry e. brown jr and liberty hall road

Goose Creek, South CarolinaAug 22, 20170 Comments

If you are heading north on henry j. brown and enter a residential area, you are in a speed trap from beginning to end (all the way to highway 52 approx. 6 or 7 miles). The speed limit is 30, and numerous people have been sited including myself, all times of the day.

Speed Trap is at Intersection of Westview Bld. and Pineview

Goose Creek, South CarolinaMar 23, 20110 Comments

Traffic Units sit in the school yard or at the daycare center near Westview School to watch for speeders, and to see if you stop at the stop sign coming off of Pineview Drive. Do not do a roll through at that Stop sign. YOU WILL GET A TICKET if one of the traffic units are there. Do not speed on Westview Blvd. They have several hiding places, at the school, at the daycare center and by the storage lot for Crowfield.

Fosters Creek Drive near Snake Rd

Goose Creek, South CarolinaJul 17, 20080 Comments

This road curves in and out of Goose Creek and Hanahan. I live at one end of the road and force myself to use my cruise control religiously. I have seen officers from both towns parked on the side of the road around a curve or behind a tree/bush just waiting for someone to speed. Please, please, please don’t speed anywhere on this road.

Centennial Boulevard near Gainsborough Road

Goose Creek, South CarolinaMar 02, 20080 Comments

Police park along the curve or on a side drive near the intersection of Centennial and Gainsborough in Crowfield. They are on the lookout for speeders and cars not making a complete stop at the stop sign.

Old Moncks Corner Road near US Highway 176

Goose Creek, South CarolinaAug 20, 20070 Comments

Old Moncks Corner Road in the area between HW 176 (St. James Avenue) and Bramoor sub division is a favorite of the Goose Creek PD. The speed on that road is 30mph past the Goose Creek Recreation Center, then it turns into 45mph. I have personally gotten 2 tickets and been pulled over 3 times on that road in 8 years, and I have witnessed perhaps hundreds of other people getting tagged by GCPD there over the years. They sit in their cars at the rec recnter parking lot, the church parking lot across the street, or at the library down the road pinging people. If you’re doing more than 40mph in that area they are going to nail you every time.

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