Hardeeville, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Interstate 95 near Exit Number 5

Hardeeville, South CarolinaJun 20, 20062 Comments

Although the speed limit is 70 often the prevailing traffic is much higher. They sit in the wooded median right at the South Carolina welcome center. They ticket in both directions and often have several cruisers lined up. They will pull over whole packs of cars. Also drive unmarked SUV’s usually black.

US Highway 17 south near Interstate I-95 Exit 5

Hardeeville, South CarolinaJul 22, 20050 Comments

Exiting off of I-95 onto US17 South the 40MPH speed limit sign for the divided 4 lane road is posted on the right just as you are trying to merge onto the highway. Of course concentrating on the merge you miss the sign. prevailing traffic was 50MPH, bring out of state I was tagged for 51 making it 10+ miles over the posted limit. I had traveled 3/4 of a mile before being stopped. Given the option to convert ticket to city ticket if I up the fine from $128 to $180 so as to avoid points on license.

US Highway 17 near Interstate 95

Hardeeville, South CarolinaDec 11, 20040 Comments

Hardee Police car between in median between 17North and South Highway; facing North, a short distance from 1-95 exit 105. Speed limit is 40mph where the police car was parked, but 60mph approximately 100 feet behind police car on 17 South on the way to Savannah. Received ticket for going 53mph on a 40mph area. Had just exited 95, traveling South on 17 never saw the 40 mph, but did see 60mph. Thought I was OK until I saw the police lights. $128 ticket.

Interstate 95 near Exit Number 105

Hardeeville, South CarolinaDec 11, 20040 Comments

Hardeeville police car sits between Interstate 95 North and South bounclanes; difficult to see. Witness Hardeeville police car issuing ticket,approximately 5 minutes after witnessing Hardeeville police issuing a ticket on HGWY 278West.

US Highway 278 near 95 Expressway

Hardeeville, South CarolinaDec 11, 20042 Comments

Inside Hardeeville city limit, police car sits between median, difficult to see, facing West Witness police issuing tickets twice, on separate days. Once in late morning and another around 8:00pm.

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