Jamestown, South Carolina Speed Traps

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right after the bridge and before the flashing light HWY 41

Jamestown, South CarolinaJun 26, 20170 Comments

6/09/2017 it happened. I was doing the posted speed at the bridge of 55. right down from the bridge is a speed zone of 40 so the cop said after he pulled me over telling me I was doing 56 in a 40. I got a ticket for $180. I was PISSED … i did NOT see any signs … got to my dads in summerville told him the next morning we were going to look for it. Sure enough the zone was covered by trees, the second sign a few hundred feet away I did not see because I was paying attention to the big van headed toward me in the opposite lane. I extended my stay at my dads til Monday to go to the municipal building. The clerk tells me I have to come back on my court day July 5th. I show her the photos of the covered sign and was told she doesn’t know who is responsible for the up keep.. so in the mean time more people are getting tickets. I have photos of it .. and a video my passenger was filming of the van coming in my direction. So bottom line I can pay $237 to have 0 points, $187 and have 4 points or I can pay $87 and 2 points … which is really odd .. but I had the clerk write that on my ticket and make a photo copy of it. Honestly I think it should be dismissed .. the cop was not very nice either. Apparently the forestry is responsible for the tree covering the STATE MANDATED speed zone …. BS .. NEVER will I EVER go to Myrtle Beach again through that town .. first time through Jamestown and LAST time through Jamestown.

Junction of 41-17a

Jamestown, South CarolinaMar 30, 20170 Comments

Coming into town the speed limit drops from 55 to 40. There is only 1 posted speed limit sign prior to the light at the intersection. I was pulled over after coming to a stop at the intersection and making a right to stay on 17a. If you slow down to make that turn (let alone stop like I did), you will be well under 40. I Got cited for 60 in a 40. After turning right to stay on 17a there are two posted signs for 40MPH, before going back up to 55mph. It seems they just add their PO Box to the citation and expect you to pay (no mention of showing up in court – just how to send payment).

There seems to be plenty of evidence posted now of almost the exact same situation that is common here. If you miss that posted 40 you are guaranteed to get a ticket here. It doesn’t matter if you slow down due to the light (which should still be the intended purpose), you are technically breaking the law.

Junc 41 & 17

Jamestown, South CarolinaSep 02, 20160 Comments

was told by officer I was going 59 in a 40. I had just come into town and did not see any speed limit signs ( must have been hidden behind something which is usually the case in this state.) I was slowing down to turn the corner when he got me ! I told him I had not “intended” to speed … but he didn’t care, and I didn’t know you could ask to see his RADAR. This must be how the GOOD OLE BOYS in Jamestown raise funds !

Junction of 41-17a

Jamestown, South CarolinaNov 12, 20150 Comments

The cop was sitting in an unmarked car. Said I was going 56 in a 40, but wasn’t. I was slowing down to turn off at intersection. Charged me 185 dollars, but no points. I will avoid this town in the future.

SC route 41, N of 41 – 17 jcn, Jamestown, SC

Jamestown, South CarolinaFeb 25, 20110 Comments

Location: SC route 41, Southbound lane, .25 mi N of Jamestown SC, in area South of the Santee River bridge. After crossing the bridge going Southbound, the speed limit drops from state limit, to local limit of 35mph. The speed limit sign is VERY SMALL and easily missed if you look away for a moment. Patrol car will likely be on your right, at intersection with route 17. Vacationers leaving from Myrtle Beach headed to points South, be advised.

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