Jamestown, South Carolina Speed Traps

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SC route 41, N of 41 – 17 jcn, Jamestown, SC

Jamestown, South CarolinaFeb 25, 20110 Comments

Location: SC route 41, Southbound lane, .25 mi N of Jamestown SC, in area South of the Santee River bridge. After crossing the bridge going Southbound, the speed limit drops from state limit, to local limit of 35mph. The speed limit sign is VERY SMALL and easily missed if you look away for a moment. Patrol car will likely be on your right, at intersection with route 17. Vacationers leaving from Myrtle Beach headed to points South, be advised.

Flashing light at ALT 17

Jamestown, South CarolinaFeb 17, 20110 Comments

Cop said we were going 64 in 40 which we were not and 55 mph sign was in sight. We had a choice of $200 and 4 points or $400 and no points. Coming back from trip saw another car pulled over. Go 35 mph in this town!

Blinking light at intersection, small gas staion on corner

Jamestown, South CarolinaApr 01, 20103 Comments

My husband and I had to find an alternate route when traffic was topped on I-95 . We took a two lane and came to an intersection of U.S. 17 Alt & S. Carolina-41. There was a blinking kight and we stopped at the gas station and I took over driving . I came out of gas station and wasn’t even a half mile from intersection when I was pulled over. Officer said I was doing 59mph in 40 mph zone. There was no way I could have been going that fast. Ticket was $185.00. Beware!! They must be sitting at the gas station. I might add that while the officer was writing the ticket, other vehicles were flying past me, but all had SC plates, I ‘m from PA.

Jamestown (Berkeley County)

Jamestown, South CarolinaJan 19, 20100 Comments

Not really a town, although there is a blinking light. Policeman is ready to pounce after speed reduction sign, although you are still in what seems to be the country. Very chatty and friendly when issuing a $200 fine for speeding. The township will take off points for an approximate $70 increase in the ticket (by the phone). Speed limit in this area (not even a village) has no realistic relation to the rural nature of the locality.

I am a slow driver and have found that it is best to avoid SC country roads due to the poor economy in these areas; and the obvious reliance on unfair tickets to support the economy.

US Highway Alt 17

Jamestown, South CarolinaJan 26, 20071 Comments

The people of Jamestown should be ashamed of what I witnessed in traffic court. The judge had about 8 defendents. He raised the cash fine on all of them, none under $200 and through out the points. So it’s a cash cow this town has going here. I have travelled through Jamestown for years and know like everyone else how the town is. I didn’t receive the ticket, but I know no matter what my speed, it’s just a matter of time. This is a gross injustice to the people coming through Jamestown. Also, none of the people in the courtroom were from Jamestown. The ticket my friend received had a PO Box on it, no court physical address or phone number. All of that info was highlighted along with the amount of the fine. The officer put on the ticket that the driver was the owner of the vehicle, which wasn’t true, it was a borrowed car. I am going to do all I can to stop this scam. I read some of the "rebuttals" on this site, it’s pretty obvious they know they have a scam going and don’t want it to stop. What a miserable little town.

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