Newberry, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Highway 34 approaching I-77

Newberry, South CarolinaSep 01, 20120 Comments

Approaching I-77 from Newberry on Highway 34, the speed limit drops from 55 to 45 to 35 in a few hundred yards on a downhill path. City police locate at bottom of him and collect victims. If you go to court it is so busy (standing room only outside the court) that they offer to not report the points if you pay the fine and the arresting officer collects the fine without your seeing the judge.

Near Newberry High School and Forest Ridge

Newberry, South CarolinaAug 29, 20100 Comments

In the morning and afternoon when the school speed limit is active, it goes from 45 to 35. Cops will sit in the entrance to Forest Ridge and trap unsuspecting motorists going by the high school. Be careful– they are out to get your when they’re sitting there.

Johnstone Street near Wilson Road

Newberry, South CarolinaJul 28, 20070 Comments

Red light that stays on for anywhere from 20 seconds to over 4 minutes. It’s 11:30pm and no traffic in sight, you have waited more than 2 minutes and think the light is hung up or something and proceed. Then the blue light comes on and a policeman pulls you over. Just another was to generate revenue for a small town. There is a hotel just up the street and Walmart is directly across the intersection. This may not be what you include on your site but people need to know about it. I have run into it several times and the last time was the last car in line behind 2 other. I got pulled and ticketed so now I just take an alternate route. It’s out of the way but safer and less expensive.

Interstate 26 near Exit Number 63.5

Newberry, South CarolinaJun 17, 20071 Comments

This speed trap is over active! The speed limit is 70 but many motorist forget to look at their speed. Headed Eastbound the motorists come to the crest of a hill near the rest area, then they are met by up to 8 state troopers that have pulled over a pack of 4-6 cars.

US Highway 76 near Johnstone Street

Newberry, South CarolinaJun 08, 20070 Comments

Cops sit at the bank on the corner of Johnstone Street and US 76. This is across the street from the side entrance to Wal-Mart and the car wash. Johnstone is a 30mph zone and coming from that way you can’t see the cop behind the bushes in the bank parking lot until after you top the little hill a short distance from the stoplight. While I was in court for that ticket, one lady was fighting another one in the same spot except on US 76 Southbound (out of town). However Northbound US 76 is the bigger problem at that particular area because it drops from 45 to 35 just before the traffic light and the cop can get a good reading from his spot.

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