Nichols, South Carolina Speed Traps

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76/74 intersects Hwy 9

Nichols, South CarolinaJun 09, 20170 Comments

Just like the other posts on the Nichols, SC page I was stopped in the very short 25MPH patch of road. 43 in a 25. However, most of the stretch of road is in the 40,45 or 50 MPH speed. Being from FL I have never been in the area and was on my way to attend my cousins funeral and driving down a curvy road I was not familiar with. Honestly, I don’t recall seeing the signage for the lowered speed. If they have a problem with bad accident rates in this stretch of road then they need to make larger more visible signage. In FL they have permanent speedometers connected to the MPH signs. My suggestion is to avoid Nichols completely. Stay alert if you have to travel this patch of road. I wouldn’t gas up or spend any money in Nichols. This city is clearly policing for profit and extorting money from tax payers.

Hwy 76 in town of Nicols

Nichols, South CarolinaJul 31, 20160 Comments

Nothing has changed in small town of Nicols, SC. I was ticketed for going 37 in 25 zone. The speed limit is only 25 for about 2 blocks. I like how the Police Officer asks where are you going…..does it matter? I told him but yes he still gave me a ticket. I really see no reason for the speed limit to be 25 in that area, except to be a good way for the town of Nicols to make money. I’ll be finding another route in the future.

Along Hwy 9 in Nichols SC

Nichols, South CarolinaJan 26, 20152 Comments

I was pulled for doing 38 in a 25 zone. The sign was there, but I didn’t see it. He did let me see the radar showing my speed when I asked him to. He was wearing a body cam and microphone, so if you believe you were pulled unjustly, you can request the tapes.

When I went to court, there were at least 20 other people there, and every one of them was from out of state. The judge came out and gave a speech about how they didn’t want to ruin our driving records, so they would reduce the speed on just about any ticket if we agreed to an increased fine that was about double what the original would be. He also said they could reduce it further to show up as a couple of parking tickets, but that would cost much more in fines. He also said that those fines would have to be paid in full that day.

We were then called into the “courtroom” one by one, and weren’t allowed to take anyone with us. There was a 17 year old that wanted to take his father, and it wasn’t allowed. I was always told that all traffic and criminal courtrooms in South Carolina were supposed to be open to the public, but I guess Nichols has an exception to this rule.

Once in the “courtroom”, the judge and the cop make an offer and tell you where the nearest ATM is. They also threaten that if you don’t take the offer and go to trial, you can lose your license and still pay the higher fines, and even go to jail if you miss any of the four mandatory pre-trial hearings. I suppose this is especially effective when you are dealing mostly with people who are from out of state.

Unfortunately I have to drive through there several times a month for work, and usually see someone on the side of the road with an unmarked car behind them, or see the unmarked hiding behind a tree.

Hwy 9 & 76 In Town of Nichols

Nichols, South CarolinaApr 14, 20140 Comments

Just wanted to provide the Users with some Information about the Town of Nichols in South Carolina. The Police Department is now using Body worn Camera that record the entire traffic stop from the violation to the citation being issued. So, if you are stopped in the town and feel that you have been wrong done or the violation was a fake just to stop you then you should fight the citation and request at court to review the video from the traffic stop. Now with that being said you had better be darn sure that you were not in the wrong or you are going to be made a fool infront of everyone when the Officer plays the video back and it shows you in the wrong and you can probaly expect a guilty from the judge. Good Luck!

As you drive into Nichols South Carolina on SC route 9

Nichols, South CarolinaJun 17, 20137 Comments

As you drive into Nichols, South Carolina on SC route 9 the speed changes 2 or 3 times in the curve and several signs are there as well to overwhelm you with too much info to read before an unmarked, without lights silver or grey city police car sitting under a shade tree on the left side of the road or in a parking lot pulls you over…

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