Turbeville, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Turbeville, SC

Turbeville, South CarolinaAug 03, 20130 Comments

As with so many visitors passing through from Myrtle Beach an unmarked officer stopped me and my family for supposedly going 45 in a 60…took a good 15 min running my MD plates (nothing no tickets, no accidents nothing)…came back explained my court date… then I asked how much is the ticket he just said its at the bottom…he was even too ashamed to tell me…a whopping $288 I read aloud! I was shocked and appalled! how dare this little rinky dink town…they think they are getting over on people, but evil never prevails…this is evil. At a time with the economy the way it is the town is stealing from decent tax paying Americans. It must stop and it will stop—blogs and sites like this help to get the word out I also intend to write my congressman to change bogus laws like this!

Hwy’s US 378/US 301 – within town limits

Turbeville, South CarolinaApr 14, 20131 Comments

First time through this cute little town and I witnessed personally two unmarked police cars giving people tickets. When the speed limit drops to 35 mph best thing to do is to drive 33 and wait till it’s over. Don’t patronize any business – don’t buy their food nor gas. Nothing! Just drive straight through.

Coming out of town heading east on 378.

Turbeville, South CarolinaAug 06, 20121 Comments

I have driven through this town my entire life and I know not to speed there. So as you are leaving town you pass the IGA, Bojangles, and children’s home…I was past all three and could see the 45 mph sigh and started speed up and there he was pulled off behind some tree in an OLD Crown Vic. Hot me with 47 in a 35 with a recommended bond amount of $288. Seriously? What a ridiculous, sad little podunk town. I will never again drive to the beach down 378.

Inside city of Turbeville, SC

Turbeville, South CarolinaJul 27, 20126 Comments

My wife and I were looking forward to a Myrtle Beach vacation. However, the vacation was ruined before we even got to our destination. We made the mistake of driving through the town of Turbeville, SC. What a mistake! Unfortunately, we were pulled over by the Turbeville police and ticketed for going 53 miles per hour in a 35 mile an hour zone. Our Garmin said the speed limit was 55 mph. The police officer (who was driving a new, rich looking, tank of a patrol car), informed us that the Garmin was a navigational aid only and that the speed limit had been changed. OK, apparently we were speeding. We can take our knocks and pay for our mistakes. Then, we got the mimeographed ticket which informed us that the bond was $388.00. $388.88 dollars! This was a bond! According to the text on the ticket, we are allowed to mail in the bond, but in order to find out what the actual ticket amount is, we need to show up for a trial in Turbeville on August 30th! Really? Show up for a trial? If we don’t show up for the trial and we mail Turbeville the $388.00, the matter will be resolved. My guess is that $388.00 is a price point, an amount high enough for the city of Turbeville to make money, but low enough so that it is not worth the effort for me to make a special trip from Atlanta, back to South Carolina, so that I can pay the actual fine. To me, this is extortion. And, why can’t I pay the actual speeding ticket online or via the mail? Why can’t I make a phone call to the Turbeville court, find out the fine, and then mail in the payment? When we arrived at our rental house in Surfside Beach, we happened to mention our ticket to the rental house maintenance men. They said, “Oh, we know Turbeville. Those guys are terrible!” Obviously, our case is not an isolated incident. How many other families have been hit with this, and then been unable to spend their vacation money at their destination? Maybe I should start a blog on social media and find out!
So, we are on vacation now for a family reunion with a total of 14 people. Have we been able to spend any money in Myrtle Beach? No. My wife probably would have gone shopping at the Tanger Outlets, but we will be spending $388.00 on a traffic ticket bond instead. I usually like to buy a T-shirt or a sweat shirt, but the $388.00 will go to Turbeville, SC instead. We went to Broadway at the Beach. Did we spend any money? Yes, we bought two ice cream cones. No souvenirs though. Will we come back to South Carolina for a vacation? Not if I can help it. Why patronize South Carolina when we can go on a beach vacation in Georgia or Florida instead? In Georgia, we have a speed trap law that probably would have prevented this type of abuse. This is important because Georgia has recognized that it is probably not a good idea for the state to be viewed as narrow-minded, provincial, and unsophisticated. It is not good for the state economy and it is definitely not good for the tourism industry to leave a bad taste in a visitor’s mouth. More than likely, we will be vacationing in Florida next year.

Highway 378, five minutes to 95

Turbeville, South CarolinaJul 11, 20123 Comments

Approaching this tiny town I saw a white sedan, unmarked, way ahead of me with his blue lights on and I yielded to the right to let him “get” someone else. So I thought. He proceeded to pull ME over and gave me the same speech about going 61 in a 35. I am 48 and never, ever had a ticket before. $388.00 for nothing. He said the same thing about the points not being applied and proceeded to question my back window tint on my vehicle windows. Asked if I applied it myself and where is the information on my window pertaining to level of tint. I just shrugged my shoulders because I bought the car that way and had no problem in Florida with the tint and was then given a $455.00 ticket. Nice… just lost my job and this is going to set me back big time. I plan on attending court next week as I feel that this tiny little town has some nerve!!! (delete expression)

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