Turbeville, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Hwy 378 coming into town from the west

Turbeville, South CarolinaJul 02, 201113 Comments

As written previously, speed on Hwy 78 drops quickly. Officer driving a totally unmarked pickup stopped our car for going 60 in a 45 mph zone. Really did not notice the sign. Hwy is a divided four lane at this point. Ticket charge was $388. Officer said we were not being charged with a "state violation," but was being charged with violation of a town ordinance. Said ticket would not be reported to the state thus no points against drivers license. What a crooked rip off.

State Highway 378 near Interstate 95

Turbeville, South CarolinaJan 20, 20081 Comments

Town limits are 35MPH and strictly enforced, don’t be over more than a couple MPH the entry to the town from the West goes from 60 to 45, to 35 quickly, many types of vehicles used for patrol, even pickup trucks be wary.

US Highway 378 near US Highway 58

Turbeville, South CarolinaAug 20, 20044 Comments

There is is traffic light as you are exiting the town of Turbeville heading West. If you are not stopped by this red light then you are at the mercy of the Police patrol in this area. It is a four lane highway which leads you to believe that the speed limit should be above 35mph. It is an open Highway that the town has extended the 35mph zone too far into. It’s a trap for anyone who is not familiar with the Town. An unsuspecting motorist will hold the 35mph speed limit until passing this traffic light. After passing the traffic light you will see the open road and start to accelerate. This is when you look in your rear view mirror and see the blue light. This is when you are informed that you are still in a 35mph zone which is unreasonable extended.

Highway 378

Turbeville, South CarolinaSep 19, 20022 Comments

Town police drive a unmarked white ford crown victoria. They sit under a pine tree in someones front yard. The police car is hidden in the 35 mph zone and just infront of the 45 mph sign. You will see the sign increase your speed before you see the town police car. This speed zone is outside of town.

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