Bartlett, Tennessee Speed Traps

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G’Toen road from Hwy 64 (Wolfchase Mall) to Hwy 70 (Summer)

Bartlett, TennesseeApr 15, 20130 Comments

They are like sharks circling up and down this strip. 6 lanes with turn lanes and a 45 mph Speed limit. Speed trap made in heaven for the cops. Really need to drive 44 because 46 is a ticket. They really like it on Sunday morning when you are late to church. One cop told me that was one of the most productive strips of road they had. And now they have a school zone….and they work it hard. Gotta protect the kids!! Plus the fine is a LOT more. But that certainly has no bearing….yea right.

Valley Creek and Brunswick Rd

Bartlett, TennesseeNov 01, 20110 Comments

Cops are always clocking in motorcycles and cop cars almost everyday here! Sucks for the people who live here. They always park on the common area in the grass. Hard to see them, they hide behind the brick wall!


Bartlett, TennesseeDec 04, 20100 Comments

Alturia Road between Stage Rd. and Memphis Arlington.. they are ALL over this street.

Kirby Whitten over RailRoad Tracks

Bartlett, TennesseeApr 05, 20100 Comments

Police set in turn lane almost at the top of the hill and catch you as you top the hill.

Stage Road near Sycamore View Ext. Road

Bartlett, TennesseeMar 16, 20080 Comments

Not so much a trap. Just enforcement. Location is East bound Stage Road, next to the Methodist Church, as you enter Bartlett, from the Raliegh area. The speed transitions from 45 to 40 mph. Stage Rd/Hwy 64 road comes up hill and makes a slight curve to the right, well before this point are POSTED signs stating "speed reduced to 40" and that "radar is used", but once you crest that hill-side, 90% of the time, there will be an officer or 3, about 1/4 mile down the road on the right, in the parking lots, on the right, some as far down as the funeral home. Panning the Eastbound traffic coming into town. They have several objects to hide behind and still have a clear view with both their handheld and car mounted radar units. They are completely indiscriminate in who they pull over. From well to do to not, and all races. Just as it should be. Just beware that they constantly monitor incoming traffic from the Raliegh area. I travel this street every weekday, for lunch. And they will be there every day as I pass.

Also, as a side note, about 200 yards before that hill, right after those POSTED signs, on the RIGHT are 2 streets, lots of trees, and sometimes … an officer.

Addn #2: Just past this, are the Railroad tracks, and the NEWER Bartlett Police Precinct located in the old Bartlett Church complex, at the light, on leFort In Bartlett, the Police dont hide. They want you to know they are there.
Addn #3: STAGE Road and Elmore Park: typically a night time location, officers will locate here to catch speeders coming West bound as they pass City Hall/Bowling alley. NOTE: they scan the intersection above from the right parked back next to the Karate academy, across from Kinkos.

Addn #4: STAGE RD; past Elmore Park Rd, they will also locate themselves in the office complexes across from (no surprise) Bartlett City hall, on right. About 1.2 miles from the previously mentioned Precinct.

Addn #5: BARTLETT just installed intersection camers at nearly ALL Stage road intersections. I think these are only Red-light cameras.

Key is these are strictly ENFORCEMENT stops. NOT Traps.

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