Benton, Tennessee Speed Traps

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U.S. Hwy. 411 North and South

Benton, TennesseeApr 17, 20100 Comments

Polk County, for the most part, is a poor county. The revenue they get is from Cable, Telephone (and all communications), Utilities and You Guessed it, Traffic Fines. Each end of the City has posted signs telling you that the City speed is 40MPG. At the North end there is a Business called Benton Shooters Supply with a large lot where police like to sit and nab cars traveling south. Approximately 1/4 mile past that business is the Muni-Building on the left side of U.S. Hwy. 411. Either the police car sits in front of the building catching cars in both directions or they hide behind the Fence (their private parking lot) and go from there. The other two main traps are near the Traffic Signal (Bank Area) whereby the signal changes very fast when a car comes to the light from the east or west side (Main Street) of U.S. Hwy. 411. If the light turns Yellow…Stop and do not try to race under the light or – Ticket. No Wiggle Room. The other trap is on the south where you enter the city on U.S. Hwy. 411. Usually the police car sits off the road to the left facing south U.S. Hwy. 411. If you go 38 up the hill and maintain that speed your usually OK. Police are not all that well trained in these parts and calibation of equipment is an issue. Challange them and save yourself.

Hwy 411 Polk County

Benton, TennesseeApr 02, 20101 Comments

The police car was sitting by the Municipal building by the fenced trash. He spotted us and we knew he would be coming. It is not like we were speeding excessively, it is that it was where the speed limit dropped to 45mph. It is a long stretch of road and he took his time before he finally pulled out. He caught up with at the red light and just sat there behind us maybe running the tag #. The blue lights came on when the light turned green. I guess it was the Georgia plates! He said the radar showed we were doing 56mph but he would drop it to 51mph in a 45. The ticket was $98.00.

Through Benton, Tn.

Benton, TennesseeMar 29, 20102 Comments

Benton Police Dept. is there for one reason and one reason only.
They lead in making the town money by writting citations.
Also, most officers are not certified in running radar, but continue to do so. One officer clocked a vehicle doing 52 mph on radar, The lady advised the officer she was doing about 30 mph. She got the ticket anyway.
Later the officer was ask if the radar was calabrated and he had no earthy item. The radar was checked and found it was off 22 mph. putting her at about the speed she said. How do I know of this, I was a police officer in Benton, Tn.

State Highway 411 near State Highway 411

Benton, TennesseeMar 27, 20080 Comments

Benton is a very small 1 red light town close to the Ocoee and Hiwassee rivers. Benton City recieves most of the town funding through water service and police citations. There is a caution light if you are traveling North on 411 but the speed limit drops from 55mph to 40mph before you get to it, however if you are paying close attention you will see it about a half mile before you reach it…start slowing down when you cross the river bridge there is a beauty salon right after you cross the bridge on the left, that is where the speed changes. The city limits starts before the bride and the caution light. Going through town it goes from a 2 lane HWY to a 4 lane and the police use that to catch any speeders and the are famous for stopping people for not wearing a seat belt. They always check for valid IDs and drivers license as well as warrents.

The police have normal police cars as well as SUVs that are difficult to tell they are cops. They generally set in front of the First Volunteer bank on your left of going North. They are almost always in front of the Benton Municipal Building and it is right on the Norht side of the HWY but is easy to come upon and not see them due to the hills of the road. The really interesting thing about Benton City traffic court is ther is no court cst so if you miss the signs and get yourself a ticket, you pay only the ticket unless you pay it late then they add on $50.00 and usually suspend your license.

US Highway 411

Benton, TennesseeSep 17, 20060 Comments

When Traveling on US Hwy 411 in Benton Tenn. the speed limit is 45 mph and that is what it means. It is strictly enforced all the way through, so slow down. Also north of there in Englewood Tenn. same thing.

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