Milan, Tennessee Speed Traps

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heading south on 45 from Milan to Jacksonheading south on 4

Milan, TennesseeAug 27, 20160 Comments

after you leave the 30 MPH zone thru town, you hit this 35 MPH for about 2 miles and this is where they get you. It should be 45 MPH like the North side of Milan but all the big money is on the South side (druggist, lawyers, etc). They especially prey on old folks in older vehicles. You never ever see a young person in a shiny new $50,000 truck pulled over. You can be passed by a newer vehicle doing 55 and they will pull you over for 46 MPH. I see it all the time as I have to go that way to and from work in Jackson since all the industry and jobs have all but died in Milan. Definitely a speed trap . Some cops give you a few miles over and some don’t. And they all look like NAZI skinheads, you can’t tell one from another.

Leaving town on Hwy 45 N towards Martin

Milan, TennesseeFeb 16, 20111 Comments

Posted Speed Limit is different on one side of the road than the other. Leaving Town it goes up to 45mph from 30mph while the drop to 30mph on the south bound side is a mile north of this sign. They set up in between catching people who pass thru north on their return south that think the 30-45 change is the same coming back thru.

Judge is very friendly and dismissed probably 50 tickets that session, most without any court cost or traffic court. Did not see the point.

State Route 45 near State Route 45 going out of Milan toward Jackson

Milan, TennesseeSep 12, 20070 Comments

Leaving Milan toward Medina and Jackson..on 45 south…it is a 4 lane. Speed limit 35…extremely low limit for the type of Hwy. and is surprising.. I along w/ many that I know have been ticketed there..close to car dealerships..Same thing upon returning to Milan…

State Route 45E

Milan, TennesseeMay 27, 20053 Comments

Going thru Milan north-south on 45E, watch for all areas of the city to be posted at 30 mph, even if there are four lanes and a center turning lane. Radar used and strictly enforced.

US Highway 79 near US Highway 45

Milan, TennesseeDec 13, 20040 Comments

Speed limit drops from 55 to 30 mile and hour

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