Parkers Crossroads, Tennessee Speed Traps

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Interstate 40 near Parkers Crossroads

Parkers Crossroads, TennesseeJul 06, 20200 Comments

a deputy sheriff sits on interstate 40 hidden behind a dirt pile, in Henderson county playing trooper.

Interstate I-40 near exit 108

Parkers Crossroads, TennesseeJul 11, 20190 Comments

There is a Henderson County Sheriff Deputy who sits near Mile Marker 111 giving out speeding tickets. Speed limit is 70MPH but anyone who has drove on this interstate knows that going that slow is dangerous. Be careful driving through here, the officers can be very rude and threatening when they pull you over as well.

Unfortunately, towns like this use speeding tickets as a way to raise revenue. This particular county, Henderson County, has raised over 400k from fines alone in 2018.

Interstate 40 at mile marker 111

Parkers Crossroads, TennesseeJun 05, 20190 Comments

deputy sheriff sets on the interstate and his sole function is to write speeding tickets. you can’t even see him till you pass him.

Mile 110 on Interstate 40 at the Wildersville Rd underpass

Parkers Crossroads, TennesseeMay 09, 20180 Comments

All of the following adds up to mean any citations issued from Parkers Crossroads on I40 lack legal standing and should therefore be dismissed at no cost to the accused. That is in fact what was determined by the City Judge after I send the documents described. The Judge was very reasonable, recognized the legal issue presented, and not only dismissed the citation I was issued, but asserted he would make sure Parkers Crossroads law enforcement was made aware that they should not be making traffic stops on I40. That said, perhaps this will no longer be a concern for anyone else, but if it weren’t for this website, I might never have gone looking and learned all this. So, I wanted to share my experience and what I learned as a thank you and just in case it might help others.

Near exit 108 of I40, Officers will park along this short stretch of low hills where they can hide, particularly well at night, and a bridge around mile 110 seems to be a favorite. If you are pulled over and written a citation for Parker’s Crossroads, rather than a State Trooper or perhaps even a Henderson County Sheriff’s Officer, you will have grounds for dismissal of the citation as this small municipality is not authorized to enforce the Rules of the Road on Interstate 40.
If you find yourself in this position, send the following to the P.O. Box provided on the citation along with the materials described:

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing in regard to a citation (No. ——) issued on Interstate 40 on behalf of the municipality of Parkers Crossroads. Included with this letter are documents from the State of Tennessee and the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security showing that Parkers Crossroads has not been authorized to enforce the Rules of the Road on Interstate 40. I am requesting that the citation in question be dismissed.

[Contact Information]

Documentation of relevant TN law:

For the final document mentioned, call the Tennessee Department of Safety Commissioner (615) 251-5166 and request a copy of any documents regarding the Interstate Authority Agreement for Parkers Crossroads, TN. You will be directed to send this request via email along with a copy of your drivers license, and if you do so, you should receive a document that concludes with the statement “This office has no responsive documents with regard to your request” meaning no authorization to enforce the Rules of the Road on any stretch of the interstate has been granted to the municipality in question.

Review the municipal requirement in the provided documents, and if you get a citation anywhere else in TN where there could be a question of authority to police the interstate, request their Interstate Authority Agreement from the Department of Safety and you might find similar grounds for dismissal.

Good Luck & Safe and Happy Travels Everyone

0n I-40 exit 105

Parkers Crossroads, TennesseeDec 27, 20170 Comments

Deputy sits on I-40 at exit 105 writing tickets for the city

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