Arcola, Texas Speed Traps

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Entrance ramp from Highway 6 south feeder to merge in to 6

Arcola, TexasNov 27, 20170 Comments

Arcola Corrupted Police stationed their car on the entrance to Highway 6 from the feeder road of H6 after FM 521. They will tell you the speed limit sign showing 40 but never mention the sign at the entrance showing 60. They Will right a citation saying you were going 50 on 40 zone. But they know that you have to speed up to enter the oncoming highway traffic passing at 60 m/hr. It is totally harassing and terrorizing tax paying citizens by bogus lies. You can go to the court, but it is Arcola, the previous Mayor and Police chief were fired in 2014. The small city is an example of why Citizens in general don’t trust Police and hate wasting our money in harassing citizens. I a putting my complain with Fort Bend sheriff’s office .

McKeever road

Arcola, TexasJan 14, 20170 Comments

There is a 30 mile speed zone at the beginning of McKeever Rd. heading west and continues for approx 300 yards to the entrance for the drive to Houston Southwest Airport and at the airport entrance, the speed limit goes to 40 mph heading west, and dropping to 30 heading east w/o any advance notice, and is somewhat disguised and easily missed at the entrance to the airport since the sign is right at the airport entrance. I have been on this road about 5 times in the last two months to access Houston Southwest airport, and never for more than 30 minutes at a time, but there has been a police officer attending a traffic citation each and every time I have been to Houston Southwest. After receiving a citation myself heading east on this 300 yard stretch of McKeever, it is obvious the 30 mile speed limit is a trap. Not saying the traffic should not slow down before the McKeever/Hwy 6 feeder intersection, but this stretch is setup to be a very profitable speed trap.

Mckeever road

Arcola, TexasMay 10, 20100 Comments

West of the airport structures there is a turnout usually overgrown with vegetation used by Arcola PD to shoot Ka both directions (E/W-bound). The limit here is 40. Most drivers are so focused on pothole avoidance it is easy to get up speed without noticing on this long straight stretch.

State Highway 6 near FM 521

Arcola, TexasMay 25, 20071 Comments

Sitting in wait! Then they may tell you they are not going to turn the ticket in so don’t worry about contacting the court. Viola! You receive a letter from DPS stating that you have a FTA warrant so you end up going to Arcola City Court and paying about twice as much as the original ticket would be. The State of Texas and The City of Arcola receives a portion of this amount. Pretty lucrative if you ask me!

McKeever Road near Almeda Road

Arcola, TexasMay 24, 20070 Comments

McKeever Rd. in the vicinity of Houston Southwest Airport. The speed limit is 30 MPH at this particular section of the road. Arcola police will sit in the airport driveway.

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