Bruceville, Texas Speed Traps

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I-35, Bruceville, Texas

Bruceville, TexasFeb 20, 20114 Comments

Bruceville police officer told me I was going 84 mph. This was in very heavy traffic on Sunday afternoon. I had been following an 18 wheeler in the outside lane when he pulled in behind me from an entrance ramp. Heavy traffic and I thought he needed to get past me so I pulled over to the shoulder, he followed. There is no way someone could have driven 84mph in that traffic. But he was well mannered and did not give me a ticket. Really, would any police officer pass up giving a ticket for 84mph on that highway?

IH 35

Bruceville, TexasAug 05, 20100 Comments

Look out if you see one of these guys with someone stoped. They play this little leap frog game, one will stop you and another will set in front of the car thats stoped and pull over people for supposedly falling to yeald. I was stoped for this reason even after I had slowed down, but sence I could not move over fast enough I was stoped by this young cop who thinks hes the best thing that happend to law enforcement. He was the rudest officer I have ever met. Im sorry for the people of bruceville having to deal with this guy. Good Luck!

Old Bruceville Road

Bruceville, TexasOct 24, 20080 Comments

Revenue is the game here. The Bruceville-Eddy police dept. will exagerate you speed limit, even lie about how you were tracked. (example: clocked you from the other side of a hill). They will also refuse to allow you to view the radar reading, citing safety as a concern (you would be able to see it several feet from the squad car). They don’t think twice about bending the law to suit their needs, not to mention the lack of professionalism displayed by a couple of the old-timers that wouldn’t be able to get work anywhere else. Dishonesty is how they make payroll. H-O-W—T-O—B-E-A-T—T-H-E-M: ASK FOR A TRIAL BY JURY, IT’S YOUR RIGHT!…. They never have traffic court, they don’t even have a real judge. Their judge/clerk is merely an uneducated appointee. It will take several months – the better part of a year before you receive notice that your case has been dismissed, but it’s worth the wait. Your ticket is not sent to the Texas DOT unless you plead guilty by paying. Also note: don’t let the clerk convince you to pay for reasons like ‘we have no court date set, we advise that you pay your ticket’ . This a typical response you’ll get if you call them for a status check of your case.

State Highway hwy 107 near just before west city limits

Bruceville, TexasAug 24, 20080 Comments

Works both ways, two cars. Town has 1250 people, no industry, & has 4 patrolman on duty. Makes payroll

State Route 107 near Exit Number 315

Bruceville, TexasAug 06, 20060 Comments

Bruceville-Eddy, TX. Generally sitting in the local convenience store, but also hiding just beyond the crest of hills within the city. There are no signs saying you’re within or leaving city limits. This is thwe city’s primary source of revenue. Frequently, speeds are exagerated on the tickets. Always ask to see radar reading, although they will refuse.

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