Carrollton, Texas Speed Traps

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Furneaux and Branch Hollow

Carrollton, TexasSep 17, 20110 Comments

Going north on Furneaux at the Branch Hollow intersection, there an unnecessary 4-way stop with the south to north stop sign hidden by a tree limb. It is totally deserted with maybe a squirrel or two, and a cop hiding in the bushes. This is the perfect revenue generator for the city.

Taxpayers (customers) want police at busy intersections pulling over red light runners, not in dead residential areas. Eventually, through the media, we will put an end to this form of extortion.

Belt Line Road appraoching Broadway

Carrollton, TexasOct 11, 20100 Comments

Patrol car sits over the crest of a hill…seems to pick any vehicle out of a group, 35-40 mph

Old Denton Road, Between Rosemead and Raleigh Northbound

Carrollton, TexasOct 08, 20101 Comments

The officer sits in the driveway of the retirement home. Traveling on Old Denton north of Peters Colony, Old Denton has a moderate decline so unless brakes are applied, your car will accelerate going down the hill.

Northbound Frontage Rd 1-35

Carrollton, TexasOct 04, 20100 Comments

Beware the northbound Service Rd off of I-35 through Carrollton. The city of Carrollton is well known in our area for its fund raising through traffic tickets. My husband got a ticket on this road a few years ago for something to do with changing lanes. It wasn’t even related to speeding.

Belt Line Rd – west bound between Clint St and Erie St

Carrollton, TexasOct 04, 20100 Comments

I got my first and only traffic ticket here. I don’t make a practice of speeding. I had never been pulled over in 20+ years of driving.

This area involves a steep hill. Obviously your car will gain a few mph going down a hill. I was so shocked to be stopped that I didn’t remember to verify my speedometer. I was told I was going 48 in a 35 zone. Original ticket cost $312. Reduced to $112 plus cost (and time!) of driving course.

My husband has also gotten a ticket in Carrollton for something to do with a lane change. It wasn’t even related to speeding.

The city of Carrollton has a reputation in our area of raising money through seemingly frivolous traffic tickets. I avoid the city as much as possible.

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