Claude, Texas Speed Traps

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US 287 EB into Town

Claude, TexasJul 20, 20150 Comments

Amstrong County Deputy was sitting a first reduction coming into town. Drops from 75 mph all the way down to 30 mph. First reduction is from 75 to 70 mph with no advanced warning. Four lane divided Highway with signs only on right side of road, I was screened from signage by Semis and Motor Homes. I know ignorance is not an excuss but if signage had also been on left side I might have been able to comply. I had cruse set at 77 mph, officer said I was doing 84 mph. Since I missed sign I looped back out to verify location and the officer already had another stopped by the time I turned around and came back into town. If you have had a similar experiance vote with your pocket book and word of mouth. Boycott all Claude Businesses until these tactics change, tell your friends to do the same. Beyond that my experiance match those of other drivers repoting on this site

claude tx, like to hold speeds in the radar

Claude, TexasSep 04, 20120 Comments

I was stopped for going 90 in a 70. Officer came up with his sidearm drawn and with a very bad attitude. I was on my motorcycle on this particular trip. Officer said that I was going to go to jail if I didnt sign his ticket and just pay it. I have a gps speedometer, it was a clear and blue sky (no interference). The history on my speedo said I was going a maximum of 74 mph at any time.
Steer clear of this rat-hole of a town, officers there like to intimidate and be rude.
They are a very well known speed trap of a town.

North end of Claude on 287

Claude, TexasJun 15, 20120 Comments

287 comming from Colorado into Claude. There are no warnings of a reduced speed limit ahead. Goes from 70 to 55 without notice. I saw the 55 sign and turned off the cruise control before the new speed limit was reached. Was going 70 before the sign and no more than 60 any time after the sign. Was sighted for 73 in a 55 and was picked out of a group of 4 cars of which mine was probably the only out of state plates. A nice fat $200 ticket for the fun of passing through that flee hole of a town.

Hwy 287 West of Claude

Claude, TexasAug 24, 20110 Comments

Their fleet of white trucks is very much back in revenue service after an apparent short break. Hwy 287 on the near west side is their favorate site.

Hwy 287 west of Claude, Tx

Claude, TexasOct 30, 20100 Comments

Heading northbound on 287, having just left town, I was accelerating to the 55 mph limit that was posted ahead. The sheriff got me from the opposite direction, stating I was doing 51 mph in a 30 mph zone. Before I pulled away, he was stopping another motorist at the same location. That county may be using the fact that most people begin accelerating early when they first see the speed limit sign to make some extra income. So don’t accelerate until after the speed limit changes near Claude!

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