Claude, Texas Speed Traps

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Hwy 287 west of Claude

Claude, TexasOct 30, 20100 Comments

Heading northbound on 287, having just left town, I was accelerating to the 55 mph limit that was posted ahead. The sheriff got me from the opposite direction, stating I was doing 51 mph in a 30 mph zone. Before I pulled away, he was stopping another motorist at the same location. That county may be using the fact that most people begin accelerating early when they first see the speed limit sign to make some extra income. So don’t accelerate until after the speed limit changes near Claude!

287 – EB / CR – 9

Claude, TexasAug 30, 20100 Comments

The speed trap is located on 287 – Sheriff, in a white pickup truck, clocks me at 80 mph (I have GPS records saying I am traveling at 77) in a 70 mph freeway, when I was passing an 18-wheeler. He was traveling WB so crosses the grass median, pulls me over, asks for my license, states my alleged speed, walks over to his truck, comes out with a ticket. No waiting to hear anything from me, neither did I bother as I have been pulled over every single time in the Texas panhandle for some reason, but never have received a citation till now. After issuing the citation, he turned on his lights to pull over some other poor sod, who was traveling at not more than 75. So, drivers beware!

Hwy 287 between Amarillo and Wichita Falls

Claude, TexasJul 17, 20100 Comments

Going on the 287 North Bound, Barney Giley going southbound turned through the middle grass area to come up behind me from very far away. He comes up to me and tells me I was speeding with no questions or comfirmations from me, demands my license and quickly shoves the ticket in my face to sign and informs me the only choice I have is to pay by mail have a nice day and leaves. His pickup truck is hard to see and he is known around the area for pulling people over for little to no reason at all. He said he clocked me at 82 on a 70 zone. I was well below 80 and everyone pushes 70-75 to pass people who are too slow on the right lane going interstate. He knows I’m from out of state and I can’t come back to fight it.

State Highway 287 near 207 RM

Claude, TexasJul 19, 20081 Comments

Sheriff will stop for less than 10 mph over. Speed signs are not easily seen, close together. Was written a ticket for a non-posted speed. Judge approved simply changing to lower limit without question.

State Highway 287

Claude, TexasJun 22, 20070 Comments

Initially I was charged with going 82 in a 70mph zone. When the officer realized there is no way my bus can go that fast (and when I invited him for a test drive and told him I was having engine trouble), he changed it to passing an emergency vehicle (him-he was stopping someone when I passed him at about 45, and then he came by to give me a ticket while I was stopped trying to fix my engine). One lawyer I talked to claimed people get stopped there all the time.

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