La Porte, Texas Speed Traps

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Northbound feeder road of Hwy. 146, approaching Spencer Hwy.

La Porte, TexasJan 17, 20190 Comments

If you are thinking all frontage/feeder roads are 50 mph. – they’re not, apparently. According to the officer who stopped me, I was doing 51. I agreed, thinking what’s 1 mile over the speed limit? I’m keeping with the flow of traffic. I was told by the officer the speed limit is 40 mph. But everyone else was faster and in front of me. I asked why I was stopped, and the officer said you’re the one the radar picked up, after I had turned from a side street onto Hwy. 146. I stated I hadn’t turned off of a side street at all. I had been traveling on the feeder road all the way from Fairmont. So how many people are stopped here thinking that traveling between 40 and 50 mph is ok? I would guess a lot. According to the site, “Speed limits on frontage roads generally range from 50-60 mph in rural areas to 40-50 mph in urban areas.” So it is flexible, depending on who stops you?? How is there a range anyway? If you’re on the high end of the range, you’re just screwed……

Spencer Hwy, Bridge by the Police Station

La Porte, TexasOct 05, 20170 Comments

Speed limit is 35 but the incline on the bridge requires at least 40 miles an hour to get up and over. Police hide on the side roads hidden by the bridge rails and clock the speeds.

All Over La Porte

La Porte, TexasMay 01, 20120 Comments

La Porte Police are writing tickets for just about anything they can. I was pulled over for going 50 in a 35. I deserved the ticket and did not complain nor did I try to get out of it. After the officer handed me the citation, he then said, have a nice day! I did not reply because I took it as it was which was him being nasty. I just drove off. After three days, I called to take care of the ticket. At that time I learned I had received a second ticket. Yes, he wrote me a second ticket after I left. The ticket stated…Drove off mad! Can you believe that a cop can give you a ticket for not being happy that you got a ticket? I did not yell or complain or even roll the eyes but I guess because I didn’t smile at him, I got another $250.00 ticket! Thanks Officer …..I am now wishing you a bad day…every day!! Little Man syndrome must suck for him!!!

Behind bushes in front of Parsons House Assisted Living

La Porte, TexasAug 23, 20100 Comments

Motorcycle cops have been seen hiding behind the bushes in front of the Parsons House Assisted Living facility on Fairmont Parkway. Traffic is coming from Hwy 146 going into Pasadena, on that side. I don’t know if they try to catch traffic going TOWARD 146 or not. Coming from Pasadena, going into Laporte, Parsons House is located just past the Pasadena Convention Center. It will be on the right hand side, right after you see the "Entering LaPorte" sign.

Luella Blvd and Venture

La Porte, TexasMay 25, 20100 Comments

Corner of Luella & Venture, Cop parks on side street and youcan’t see the car cop stands behind pole, speed limit is 30 – no one goes less then 45. Once or Twice a month

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