Lewisville, Texas Speed Traps

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I-35NB past Valley Ridge, before the Lake Lewisville Bridge

Lewisville, TexasJun 24, 20190 Comments

Traveling SB on the express lanes across the Lake Lewisville bridge, I noticed four police cars with “customers” on both the shoulder and in the median breakdown lane of NB I-35. Right as I got to the SB end of the bridge, I saw why. Lewisville PD had deployed a police-marked utility truck (normally used for breakdowns on I35), with an officer sitting on the bed, using LIDAR* to tag drivers coming over the Valley Ridge overpass. There were two more cop cars staged ahead of the truck, out of sight of NB traffic but quite visible to SB express traffic. That made a total of six “bird dogs” to one “hunter”… and the drivers are the ducks. If they’ve done this once, they’ll do it again, and reap tickets wholesale, so keep your speed at or below the 70mph limit.

* My detector caught enough scatter from the gun to alert on LIDAR/laser as I got close to the truck. Radar would also travel further, and alert those with detectors, so this was a perfect Line of Sight trap setup.

1800 Block South On Old Orchard Lane

Lewisville, TexasMay 16, 20150 Comments

The cop will sit on a side street that is difficult to see until you are right on top of the intersection. The street is a wide 4 lane road with a low 35 MPH speed limit.

High School Road, east of I-35W

Lewisville, TexasMar 26, 20140 Comments

Most of the neighborhood streets have speed limits of 30 – 35 MPH. This street has a 25 MPH speed limit. The sign is very close to the intersection of Fox Avenue and overshadowed by the school zone sign (in fact, it appears to be a school zone sign since Lewisville doesn’t follow the guidelines from the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Cops wait a block away and if you drive 36 MPH, it’s a $179 fine.

King Arthur Blvd, Lewisville, TX 75056

Lewisville, TexasApr 23, 20110 Comments

While driving north on Old Denton (40 mph) and taking right on to King Arthur Blvd don’t miss the single 25mph sign since you will not see the next until an officer hiding in the shade next to a house stops you. Officer will spot you before you reach the stop sign.
Most of the locals might be aware of this but visitors will get caught at least once since there is a sudden change of speed.

Redlight at Walmart on 3040 (facing WM gas station)

Lewisville, TexasFeb 18, 20111 Comments

There were 5-6 cops here, one was the lookout, radioing the others, and they were tag-teaming, going after people who used the improved shoulder (which looks like a right turn lane) (traveling east on 3040), to make a right turn to get to Denton Tap Road, or to make a left turn in the backside of Walmart parking lot. Do not turn right here unless you stay in the regular lane.

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