Lubbock, Texas Speed Traps

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Clovis Rd. (Between University and Ave. U)

Lubbock, TexasDec 01, 20010 Comments

When coming from the west as soon as you hit University on Clovis Rd. the speed limit changes from 55 to 35. But the road certainly does not change appearance one bit. You are traveling east and the sun is usually in your eyes in the morning so you cant see up the road much to notice the 35 mph speed limit signs or the hidden police. THIS IS A MAJOR SPEED TRAP!!!!! The police know this and they use it to their advantage especially on sunny mornings!! SO BEWARE!!!! Almost everyone in this area is speeding so they can just pick out the worst looking cars and hopefully get them on no insurance too. Its a big scam.. Lubbock Police prey on people way too much. I purposely travel about 10 mph on this road on my way to work and wave as I pass them.

North University between 4th and Clovis Rd.

Lubbock, TexasDec 01, 20010 Comments

During the weekends esp. Friday Sat, and Sun. This area is cruised heavily by police who know they can stop anyone in this area where the speed limit is much too low for normal driving on such a large road. The speed limit is only 35 and the typical speed most people travel here is above 40. They will target any older type car, hoping to catch the typical poorer hispanic type motorist who likely does not have insurance. I have been stopped for no front license plate, one brake light out of the 6 my car has, and for speeding along this stretch many times. My advice is NOT to travel this road at all, esp. on the weekends.

University between 19th and 34th

Lubbock, TexasApr 01, 20010 Comments

the cops will sit in alleys and side roads on the east side of the road in the morning and the west side in the evening trying to catch students leaving the campus area – you are no longer in a high pedestrian area, but the speed is still 30 MPH on a major 3 lane road. Indiana, 9 blocks to the west is 45 MPH. Brownfield , running diagonally THROUGH campus is 55 MPH. Travel on Brownfield and save time and money.

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