Pearland, Texas Speed Traps

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Smith Ranch Road at the American Canal bridge up to Silver L

Pearland, TexasDec 26, 20180 Comments

Pearland, TX police hide behind the curving bridge approach north bound and tag cars doing over 30 mph nearly every day. Usually 2 are present with one working each side of the bridge from Bailey Ave up to Silver lake.

Hwy 35 just south of Beltway 8

Pearland, TexasJan 08, 20140 Comments

There is a Pearland police car regularly writing tickets on 35 near the Beltway. He pulled me over for an expired inspection sticker. Then wrote me an additional ticket for no proof of insurance. I went to court today and EVERYONE that was there was there for MULTIPLE tickets. I heard one for speeding with additional tickets. Everyone else was expired license or inspection with additional tickets such as no front license plate or no proof of insurance.

I got out the insurance ticket because I showed proof that I had insurance at the time. The atty lowered my fine for no inspection sticker from $347 to $150. Telling her that I had just forgotten and got the inspection IMMEDIATELY after the ticket didn’t help.

Cullen and Hughes ranch road

Pearland, TexasFeb 26, 20130 Comments

Turn from Cullen which has a speed limit of 45 and is hardly ever policed to a highway access road with a 30miles per hour speed limit. Hughes ranch road is heavily policed, especially toward the beginning of the month.

Business Center Drive between McHard Road and 518

Pearland, TexasMar 06, 20121 Comments

Look out my window everyday and see the police hiding on Business Center Drive waiting for speeders. Speed limit is rediculous 30 miles per hour

Highway 35

Pearland, TexasFeb 18, 20111 Comments

From Beltway 8 to pretty much the city limits of Alvin there are Pearland officers. They are usually only there at night though. from FM518 to dixie farm is the worst though. They will just be driving back and forth and as soon as someone doesn’t signal or goes 3-5 mph over the lights go on. They do this to catch drunk drivers because there are a bunch of subdivisions in the area and people are constantly coming from parties and bars. So whether you just speed a little or they get you for being drunk you will get pulled over for the smallest thing. Only at night though, daytime is pretty free.

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