Plano, Texas Speed Traps

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Jupiter Road by Bowman Middle School between Park and Parker

Plano, TexasSep 19, 20104 Comments

Police sit in the Schell Park parking lot and(sometime 2 cars at once). They sit there all day. Speed limit is 35(except school hours and it drops to 20) but always take it down to 30 because in the 6 years I have been traveling this road, I have watched hundreds of people get pulled over that maybe were going 40. The saddest thing is that this is a school zone and many morning I have seen where there is no crossing guard. Most mornings only one and it is six lanes. Seems to me the better spent money would be on making sure these kids cross the road safe!

Jupiter and Los Rios

Plano, TexasAug 17, 20101 Comments

Cops sit in private driveway located just north of Los Rios on Jupiter. They sit back far enough that you cannot see them until you are passing them.

Ohio between Rasor and McDermott

Plano, TexasAug 02, 20100 Comments

A cop stands beside a SUV and clocks as you are heading north on Ohio. Because of a gentle curve it is impossible to see him ahead. He sits by Town Square Drive entrance to apartments. He jumps out from behind the car and motions with his arm for you to pull over. It is a 35 mph speed limit; most main streets in Plano are 40, 45, and 55 on Preston. There is also a work zone just north of Town Square Drive. He told me that they will be running radar there, because cars have been using Ohio to avoid Preston. This was about 4:30 in the afternoon.

Southbound Jupiter between Parker and Park (Moore Dr)

Plano, TexasJun 11, 20100 Comments

There is a large walled-off community along the west side of Jupiter, just south of Parker. Jupiter twists and turns here, and you can’t see very far ahead due to the aforementioned wall.

As soon as you can see, though, there will more likely than not be an officer pointing his speed gun right at you as you emerge from behind the wall. The officer will be camped out in a small parking lot just after Moore Dr.

Anywhere on George Bush Turnpike between 75 and North Toll.

Plano, TexasApr 26, 20100 Comments

DPS will pull you over for ANY infraction including not signaling when changing lanes. There seems to be a patrol car pulling someone over ALL the time.

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