Sonora, Texas Speed Traps

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I-10 through Sutton county Texas

Sonora, TexasJun 15, 20151 Comments

I was on I-10 passing through West Texas and had my cruise control set at 80 mph, which was the posted speed limit going through this area. My Garmin GPS also displayed that I was going exactly 80 mph. Out of nowhere, a state trooper merged on to I-10 as I was passing an exit (still on cruise control), sped up right behind me, and pulled me over. The trooper said I was going 91 mph, which I knew to be absolutely false. I tried to plead with him somewhat, but he just ignored me. I had no choice but to sign the ticket. I truly believe I was singled out simply because I was from out of state. He obviously saw my license plate and knew he could get away with it, as he knew I would have to appear in Sutton county court to contest it. And even then, it would be his word against mine.

Just west of Sonora on I-10

Sonora, TexasMar 21, 20150 Comments

I was travelling at 80 mph where the posted speed is 80 mph. At 1:36am, I was pulled off and ticketed for doing 86 mph. As he was walking away, he said “68 is too fast for this weather”. We had been driving in and out of rain for 4 hrs. It was barely misting at that time so I checked the ticket and the “Letter from the judge” he had just handed me, both were completely dry. The fine for doing 1-9 mph over the limit is $200.10. I am positive my speedometer was showing 80 mph

I-10 (Eastbound, next to a bridge)

Sonora, TexasJul 01, 20141 Comments

The speed limit is 80 mph. I set the cruise control at 83 because the area was very empty and rural despite being just after noon. A black state trooper’s SUV was parked just behind a bridge on the opposite side of the interstate. I only saw him after cresting a steep hill.

He turned his lights on within seconds of seeing me. Asked me what the hurry was. Laughed when told about the cruise control saying setting it at 81 or 83 was against the law and dangerous. Cited me for going 89 mph- 9 miles over. According to this county, 1-4 over is $210, 5-9 is $250, and so on. My court appearance was set 2 weeks later when I planned to be traveling abroad.

I was driving a blue German sedan so maybe that’s why he singled me out since most of the vehicles here are pickup trucks or tractor trailers.

IH 10 – Eastbound, west of Sonora after Rest stop

Sonora, TexasMar 17, 20140 Comments

We experienced a speed trap recently in Sutton County on our first day of our vacation. I had just bought a brand new Nissan Xterra so we decided to go visit some family in California. We set our vehicle on cruise control to 80 after I had just let my wife’s dog out at the rest stop. After leaving the rest stop we got back on the highway and got the cruise control back on and I see an officer hit his lights on the other side of the highway. I barely saw him because of the large truck traffic. I told my wife uh oh he just pulled someone over. Thinking he just caught a trucker speeding. He then turned around and got behind me but about 20 car lengths away, so Wasn’t sure if he was pulling me over or a truck or another car but I figured safety first, I’m pulling over. He then proceeded to get behind me and got out of his car and walked up to my window and asked if I knew why he was pulling me over. I said I’m not going to call him a liar to his face but I know wasn’t speeding so that can’t be why. he smiled and said I was doing 91 in an 80 MPH zone. I said Sorry again I’m not calling you a liar sir but I have cruise control set to 80 and if I you tracked me at 90 something is wrong with my brand new car or your radar and he smiled and asked for my license and current insurance card. I complied to his orders all the while asking him to recheck and mentioning again that my vehicle only has 400 miles on it so I am 100% sure my vehicle is not broken and I was set to 80. He walked away. I asked my wife again ” Was I doing 91?” She said in no way could you be doing 91! It’s a speed trap and we need to just take the ticket and fight it. To avoid a confrontation or argument, as the officer walked back I just signed where he said sign. and said be safe and he walked away smiling. So how on earth could he say on the ticket that traffic was light? It was 10:12 am on a Friday Morning on I-10. A total speed trap that will be written about to my Texas state representative of District 53.

Mile Marker 409 off I-10

Sonora, TexasNov 29, 20130 Comments

My mother (who is a medicare card holder, lol) was allegedly driving 94mph in an 80mph speed limit on the I-10. Mind you the car is a corolla, fully loaded with baggage and 4 occupants.

To add insult to injury, the car is equipped with radar detector (escort 8500 X50). And yes, I’ve taught my mother how to recognize the different bands DPS uses and she did indeed slowed down when the radar went off.

Upon seeing the citation, the cop wrote “alleged” speed of 94. Which probably means he wasn’t using radar nor laser. Just a good ‘old visual estimate. Man I would love to fight this in court

but c’mon…my mom isn’t going to come back from los angeles all the way to texas to fight this ticket. $248.10

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