Layton, Utah Speed Traps

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US-89 and Antelope Dr. Junction

Layton, UtahNov 13, 20170 Comments

This area has a downhill incline going WB on antelope drive followed by another hill after the roundabout so drivers are tempted to conserve energy and not brake. Don’t fall for it!

35mph limit enforced strictly due to residents in the area complaining about speeders. Motorcycle cop will hide in one of several dead end streets radaring traffic. Slow down and watch out!

Sugar street right by smiths

Layton, UtahMar 02, 20110 Comments

Cop likes to hide in buisness parking lots along this street and pulls over anyone speeding. I have seen hime pull over someone daily for the last 2 months straight.

Hwy 89 southbound from SR193 overpass to top of hill.

Layton, UtahNov 28, 20100 Comments

Cops sit at top of hill (sometimes in pairs on BMW bikes) and catch you on radar. The hill flattens there and most people don’t lift the throttle to stay under 55 mph since there is another steep stretch coming. 57 mph on that flat spot will get you an expensive ticket!

W Gordan Ave near N Main

Layton, UtahAug 04, 20100 Comments

From the Rail Road Tracks East the speed is 30MPH dropped from 40 MPH, about half way from the RR Tracks to North Main St. there will be an officer work that heavily on and off. I was told he lives near there.

Antelope Drive between Sunset and Church Street

Layton, UtahJun 29, 20100 Comments

Layton PD has had motorcycle and cars monitoring this area almost daily. A motorcycle cop sits right in the bottom of the very steep valley under the trees in the shade with his radar gun. He has support at the top of the hill (out of sight) and radios for them to pull over all speeders. The speed limit is 40 mph, but if you just coast down either side of these hills it is easy to go 55-60 mph. They will pull over and ticket anyone going over 45 mph. Down shift and ride your brakes or you will be ticketed!

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