Monticello, Utah Speed Traps

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North & Southbound 191 a mile out of town either direction

Monticello, UtahOct 17, 20220 Comments

Heading south on 191 from Moab to Monticello is beautiful but all hell breaks loose as you drive toward or away from Monticello. Speed limit coming into town 65 to 55 (mile from town) then down to 40 (few blocks from town) to 30 while driving through town – same in reverse as you leave town (southbound) from 30 to 40 then by the golf course 55 then drive another mile and half (100% rural country) past mile marker 70 is where the radar cop sits – – just 2 blocks from there is the 65 mph sign. Now, it is good to know that the radar catches ‘off guard’ speeders heading northbound as well, because the speed goes from 65 to 55. The two parallel speed limit signs – one says 55 (NB) and the other says 65 (SB). No wonder my Waze GPS said the speed was 65. I ended up with two citations; a 70/55 and no seatbelt; even though the officer say the seatbelt strapped on my lap. I removed the shoulder part to reach to get registration and insurance paperwork out of the glove compartment. So keep your seatbelt in place if you get stopped. One more thing, the day of my appearance in court the judge had 41 cases, yes 41 in one day and 20 of the cases involved possession of controlled substance marijuana/spice – use or possession of drug paraphernalia. WTH? So if you’ll be going through Monticello, leave certain items at home.

Entire town.

Monticello, UtahJul 25, 20220 Comments

This trap was about 250 north and main?
We travel alot and I haven’t been pulled over for speeding in 5+ years.
I was just heading back home from Memphis (14 day road trip).
I am aware of speed-trap towns. When I saw speed limit of 30 mph, on a the 4-lane main street, I was pretty sure it must be one of them.
So I was being extra careful.
We had just stopped for gas and just pulled back onto Main street from center street.
I had only gone a couple of blocks and pulled into the center lane, to turn left into a business.
As I did, I noticed a cop on the side of the road. I couldn’t even see him until I pulled into the center lane to turn and I doubt I was even able to reach 25 mph in those 2 blocks.
But he flipped on his lights from the side of the road ahead of me.
I did not know they were meant for me (how could they be since he could even see me until i was rolling to a stop in the center lane?).
In either case, after I turned, he pulled up behind me and said I had been going “45 in a 30”.
I do not see how that was possible.
I had no reason to accelerate since I was turning left so quickly.
I was absolutely dumb-struck when he ignored my statements and gave me a ticket.
About the only thing he said was “I reduced it to 5 over” and “you can pay it online”.
That night, we happened to talk to someone who had served bail bonds in the area and they talked at length about the lack of standards and decency of the cops and judge on that town. She also said they constantly arrest people at the slightest provocation (like made up tickets). And if it happens on the weekend, you can post bail but you can’t get your vehicle back until Monday.
I asked if it was worth fighting the ticket and she said, since the judge had no standards either, it was best to just pay it and not return to the town.

Both ends of highway and all the way through town

Monticello, UtahMar 07, 20220 Comments

Unfortunately, I have to travel through Monticello a lot and Blanding is just as bad. I know better than to speed and do 5 MPH under before through and after the town. Despite that, they will pull you over for any excuse they can make up to pull you over and harass you. Never ever stop in Monticello or Blanding. Long story short, |I have been pulled over there twice for a burnt-out license plate light. They use the situation to interrogate driver aggressively to do their best to escalate the encounter. Whatever happens speak as little as possible and be polite. Both times I checked immediately after and I in fact did not have a burnt-out light. Watch more than just speed driving through there, they will pull you over for the slightest issue and even make up an excuse if you have out of state plates.

SH 491all the way to Colorado

Monticello, UtahJul 19, 20160 Comments

The entire city of Monticello is a speed trap as another person wrote. But then as you leave town toward Colorado on the 491 all the way. All the truckers know this, making it increasingly frustrating because you get stuck behind one going under speed.

The entire town.

Monticello, UtahAug 17, 20150 Comments

Monticello is a pretty little town of less than 2000 people. Driving through I witnessed three police cruisers having stopped cars within a mile of each other. I must say that they were all beautiful new white 4WD SUVs, the best money can buy. Don’t contribute to the next one…avoid this town or slow it down.

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