Monticello, Utah Speed Traps

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Both ends of highway and all the way through town

Monticello, UtahMar 07, 20220 Comments

Unfortunately, I have to travel through Monticello a lot and Blanding is just as bad. I know better than to speed and do 5 MPH under before through and after the town. Despite that, they will pull you over for any excuse they can make up to pull you over and harass you. Never ever stop in Monticello or Blanding. Long story short, |I have been pulled over there twice for a burnt-out license plate light. They use the situation to interrogate driver aggressively to do their best to escalate the encounter. Whatever happens speak as little as possible and be polite. Both times I checked immediately after and I in fact did not have a burnt-out light. Watch more than just speed driving through there, they will pull you over for the slightest issue and even make up an excuse if you have out of state plates.

SH 491all the way to Colorado

Monticello, UtahJul 19, 20160 Comments

The entire city of Monticello is a speed trap as another person wrote. But then as you leave town toward Colorado on the 491 all the way. All the truckers know this, making it increasingly frustrating because you get stuck behind one going under speed.

The entire town.

Monticello, UtahAug 17, 20150 Comments

Monticello is a pretty little town of less than 2000 people. Driving through I witnessed three police cruisers having stopped cars within a mile of each other. I must say that they were all beautiful new white 4WD SUVs, the best money can buy. Don’t contribute to the next one…avoid this town or slow it down.

South end of town

Monticello, UtahSep 02, 20140 Comments

South end of town you go down a small hill then up another hill before you’re out of town. You feel like you’re out of town when you start down the hill. The town cop lights you up right at the bottom of the hill as you start to speed up. You are only about 100 yards from being out of town. I will never stop for gas, stay or eat there again. The town might think they generating revenue but its at a cost to the business owners of Monticello.

On 191 northbound out of Monticello, Utah

Monticello, UtahJan 16, 20110 Comments

2 N miles out of the city its open country there is a rise in the road. He was at the bottom of the hill. 45mph in 30 m zone. $115

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