Chesapeake, Virginia Speed Traps

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Coming Off 168 Freeway at Kempsville Road

Chesapeake, VirginiaJan 19, 20230 Comments

I came off the freeway and got into an immediate school district and of course I was doing 41 as I came off, and the speed trap catches you immediately as you get off the freeway. Beware the camera catches you before you can slow down at the light where the school is, you do not have enough time to slow down as you come off the freeway to not trigger the camera. It’s for sure a speed trap. Granted we want to keep our kids safe, but this is ridiculous. Even if you slow down a 2-3 seconds later, the camera already gets you as you come off the freeway into oncoming traffic.

Between exit 288 and exit 289 west bound

Chesapeake, VirginiaOct 14, 20210 Comments

Trooper sits right next to guardrail. U won’t see him cause car isn’t running and doesn’t have lights on at all. He’ll wait until your almost to exit 289 before he turns his driving lights or his flashers on before he pulls you over. And he doesn’t give out warnings

George Washington HWY & Canal DR

Chesapeake, VirginiaJan 23, 20170 Comments

Called “the Gauntlet ” Runs from city limit sign to Gilmerton Rd. They hide out of view in private parking lots.

Gilmerton Bridge

Chesapeake, VirginiaJan 23, 20170 Comments

They sit in middle of S. Military Hwy in the turning lane before sunrise with all the lights off on both sides (south & north bound) of the bridge. You can’t see them until you reach the top of the bridge. Not only is it a speed trap but also a public safety issue.

Dunbarton Drive connecting Military Hwy/Providence

Chesapeake, VirginiaOct 28, 20160 Comments

Both Military Highway and Providence are major roads that have speed limits of 45. Then there’s dinky little Dunbarton connecting the two, barely a quarter-mile long, and the speed limit there is 25. Cops used to sit directly outside this one house in unmarked cars, just waiting for someone to go over by so much as 6 mph, the legal minimum to be considered a ticket-able offense. They cut the bushes so the cops can’t hide anymore. The real MVPs. They now hide in the car dealership parking lots towards the intersection of Military and Greenbrier Pkwy/Dunbarton (same road, changes name). If you are slightly lead-footed coming off a highway, or gunning it to make the infinitesimally short light, they WILL catch you. Mind you, you do need to slow down – there’s a curvy bit towards Providence that you cannot take at higher speeds without giving yourself whiplash, but when you see just the ruler-straight, wide lanes by Military, you don’t think about that, and don’t even realize you were doing 40 until after your ticket’s been written.

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