Hillsville, Virginia Speed Traps

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I-77 N mm 9

Hillsville, VirginiaSep 06, 20230 Comments

Speed drops coming down the mountain and ole Bobby will be sitting there waiting to collect. I think the Judge, PoliceĀ  all receive a pay day.
Just my opinion, But I spent 1,800 to save a reckless driving charge.

Interstate 77 in Carroll County

Hillsville, VirginiaFeb 13, 20190 Comments

Former resident here who traveled I-77 frequently. I strongly warn all drivers, especially out of staters, to be very careful when traveling (north AND south) on Interstate 77 in Carroll County near the town of Hillsville. County deputies are almost always out aggressively enforcing traffic laws. I-77 is a high priority to the county due to the easy revenue it brings. Most people don’t challenge the tickets because they are not local. The county depends on that. Sometimes state police and local Hillsville town police are also present, who have a short strip of I-77 to enforce. I strongly encourage everyone to record your encounter if you are pulled over. You will still get a ticket of course, but it will keep their professionalism in check. Be polite but have that camera rolling. Take it easy on I-77 until at least you get out of the county.

I-77 from I-81 to the NC line…both directions.

Hillsville, VirginiaJan 07, 20191 Comments

Every time we drive through this area we see several Carroll County cruisers lurking in the median or on car stops for cars exceeding the speed limit. Be very careful driving through this area on Rt 77 if you have out of state plates. As a retired police officer, I am very disappointed that the deputies prey on motorists in this area. Use caution. Clearly a speed trap in my view. Be safe.

I-77, 19 mile marker bottom of a hill

Hillsville, VirginiaMay 11, 20180 Comments

Bottom of a significant hill at approximately mile marker 19

Mile 13

Hillsville, VirginiaApr 26, 20170 Comments

Officer waits near Exit 14 Northbound. My cruise control was set to 71mph. Thought about passing a slow moving truck going up hill but decided that I really needed gas before the next exit. I went to the right lane and followed the truck for about 1/2 to 1 mile and exited on Exit 14. We saw the patrol car sitting in the median strip facing traffic. It caught our eye as it was a black pick up truck parked facing Northbound traffic. At the exit traffic light, the patrol car pulled up behind us while at the red light. He put on his lights as we turned left. I was told I was going 85 in a 65mph. No way. I showed him my cruise control indicator that had a line through it at 71mph showing it was canceled when I braked to exit. Ohio plates. BTW, others were passing us on the left.

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