Lovingston, Virginia Speed Traps

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Area around Nelson county high school on U.S. 29

Lovingston, VirginiaJun 09, 20170 Comments

The school zone is a 35 mph speed trap also between high school & town is a speed trap. U.S. 6th district Congressman Bob Goodlatte got pulled over doing 69 mph .

Stop light Lovingston, va

Lovingston, VirginiaSep 28, 20150 Comments

As you are driving on Route 29 the speed limit changes from 60 to 45 as you approach the light and then will change back to 60 shortly thereafter. The light is at the bottom of the hill. When its green you slow down but then accelerate as you go up the hill through the light, the police sit in an unmarked car at the top of the hill and will state that you exceeded the 45 mph limit even though you will pass a speed sign of 60 as you are being pulled over. Its very unclear as to how long the 45 mph is supposed to last. The fees are ridiculous and this seems to be nothing more than a source of significant revenue for the town. Did i mention i was from out of town and they book the court date at 9 am on a Wednesday knowing no one will take a full day off of work to contest this trap. Beware, I was the unlucky one in a group of four cars all accelerating up the hill to the 60mph posted sign.

Hwy 29 at Lovingston, Va

Lovingston, VirginiaJul 16, 20140 Comments

Speed limit drops from 60 to 45 for maybe a quarter-mile. Road signs were cluttered, and the speed limit change was very abrupt. A typical type of speed limit warning sign (white speed limit rectangle in a larger yellow diamond) was notably absent.

Route 29 @highland propane

Lovingston, VirginiaOct 01, 20120 Comments

Watch out for the hills and the sudden drop in speed limit from 60 to 45. You can’t see with all the other signage and the curves and hills.

There are several drops in a row for the metropolis of Lovingston.

School zone at Nelson County H.S.

Lovingston, VirginiaApr 11, 20110 Comments

School zone signs for the high school and elementary school are separate, being quite a distance apart and on opposite sides of Route 29, and are separated by a wide median area. Each school sign is lit at varying times and has its own “End of School Zone” sign. They do not operate simultaneously. However, the cops apparently are unaware and/or think everyone else is. If one “Entering School Zone” sign is blinking, they sit just beyond the second “Entering School Zone” sign (not blinking) and ticket drivers, even though there is an “End of School Zone” sign between the two. A most heinous trap!!

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