Waverly, Virginia Speed Traps

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The edge of town (east side) at the cell tower!

Waverly, VirginiaJul 06, 20110 Comments

I was going out of town (East) and the speed limit was 35 and I saw the two officers sitting at cell tower as soon as I came around the curve which was at least 1/4 mile or more away. I checked my speed and I was doing 38 with a car in front of me and two beside me and some behind me. After passing the officers the speed goes up to 45. After I passed the 45 speed limit sign I began to accelerate to a speed of 46. One of the officers passed a couple cars behind me and pulled me over. First question – Why are you speeding? Which I replied I was only a mile or two over and had cars around me as well. Second question – Are you heading back to NC (NC Licenses Plate)? That’s when I got a funny feeling about this stop! I said – No Sir we are heading to Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg. He went to his car and wrote a ticket for 50 in a 35! I’m the first person to admit an guilt, but this is a scam. I had two other people in the car that heard me say that the two police cars were up ahead and they even saw how fast I was going on the speed odometer which was about two to three miles over the speed limit – NOT 15 MILES OVER! We where all shocked! And what about all the cars around me – Nothing! Be careful if you have an out of state licenses plate in Waverly, Va.

US Rt 460 at western town limits

Waverly, VirginiaJul 01, 20111 Comments

There is a speed trap at the Napa store at the western edge of town where the speed drops from 55 to 45 to 35 in the space of one mile. These shakedown agents sit in the bushes to the right as you are heading east, in the driveway for a cell tower with a gate that says “no parking, no trespassing”. No lie! These shakedown agents are regularly breaking the law instead of enforcing it (same goes for using private property to sit and clock motorists).
One of these fellows pulls out, follows us all the way through this excuse for a town and stops us on the east side (~2miles after supposedly clocking us, probably checking his computer to ensure that we are from out of town. He stops us, he does not have a badge and he is in an unmarked car and never identifies himself, wearing a black stocking cap, it is ~11:00pm. When I press him that he HAS to identify himself, he states that this can be made hard for me and my family, never identifies himself UNTIL I receive the ticket and it is written there. The court date he wrote on the ticket was incorrect (purposefully?). We went to court and were told that the date was incorrect. Ask to still see the judge, the judge REFUSES to dismiss the case! Get another date and decide that two days of missed work cost more money than the $156 ticket. This is how these dump towns make money, knowing that they can get ~$100-$150 for each motorist .

DO NOT PATRONIZE any businesses in Waverly. When the business’ income hurts because we are refusing to do business there, they may press the police to actually prevent crime and not shakedown motorists for money for barely legal reasons.

Waverly, Virginia

Waverly, VirginiaMar 14, 20113 Comments

I was the fourth woman traveling alone in a car in my group of friends to be ticketed for 53 in a 35. Ironically, I was stopped beside the 45 MPH sign. Not only a speed trap but a real racket. I wrote the local restaurant and peanut sales place to let them know I will not be bringing any more business to their town. This is predatory practice at its finest. I’ll vote with my wallet. BTW – they issue so many tickets here that they can quote the fine immediately. Makes you feel proud to be a Virginian.

460 waverly

Waverly, VirginiaDec 05, 20100 Comments

The cops sit at the Napa station and clock you going too fast before the speed limit goes back to 60. I was treated like crap. I was pulled over and scorned for my concealed weapons permit!!! Then the officer issues me a sobriety test with no probable cause. I passed, of course. Then the officer loses my concealed carry permit!!!! He tells me he doesnt have time to look for it. wtf!!! Then the next day I call the police in Waverly to see if my permit card had been found. The chief taunted me on the phone, called me a ‘wanna be cop’ for carrying a gun, and told me he will arrest me if I come back into HIS town. I’m not making this up!!! This is a violation of my civil rights. I didn’t break any gun laws! I will pursue this to the supreme court, if neccessary.

460 West 1/2mile pior to exiting Waverly

Waverly, VirginiaJun 17, 20101 Comments

Local Waverly Cop parks on east bound side of 460 at Napa Auto parts; Cop shoots radar in both directions in a acceleration/decleration zone; Cop sometimes park directly behind the highway bushes and a Rotary sign; Cop will ticket you but will not hold/allow the suspected speed to be viewed, but will let you see the radar equipment. The area of 460W goes from 35 to 45 to 55 in less than one mile, so slow way down otherwise you will get pinched.

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