Waverly, Virginia Speed Traps

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Westbound US 460, going out of town

Waverly, VirginiaDec 10, 20091 Comments

Cop sits in front of auto parts store and clocks people accelerating (resuming safe speed) after running the gauntlet through town. I was pinched for 60 in 45 zone 100 yards from 55 mph sign.

State Highway 460 near State Route 40

Waverly, VirginiaJun 17, 20070 Comments

east and west approach to town has heavy enforcement by, state, county and town units. They love out of states plates. Multible infractions ticketed. average ticket..$150. Site has been featured in VA Pilot paper.

US Highway 460 near State Route 40

Waverly, VirginiaJul 01, 20060 Comments

Waverly is a ‘town’ in VA – located inside of Sussex County. Both the town cops and county deputies can issue tickets for almost any violation. State troopers patrol the area sometimes as well. The speed limit drops from 55 to 45 and then to 35.

To be fair, there are plenty of signs and they warn all drivers that "speed is checked electronically" when you enter the town limits. Perhaps these signs went up after AAA declared Waverly a speed trap; I don’t know. The signs were not there several years ago, however.

We passed through there twice within 18 hours and there was an unmarked black Crown Vic stopped behind cars both times. It had a radar unit, of course, and I reckon the officer was very busy all day. Route 460 is a handy way for many people to get to VA Beach (to avoid the I-64 rat race) and these small towns take advantage of the "easy pickings" provided to them. Slow down in Waverly!

State Highway 460 near County Trunk 653

Waverly, VirginiaJun 02, 20040 Comments

Especially during the Friday befor the start of a holiday weekend, the town of Waverly Virginia has as many as 6 police vehicles running radar at the start of this location through town for about 2 miles

State Highway 460 near State Route 40

Waverly, VirginiaJan 03, 20040 Comments

These are town officers playing cops on TV. As a resident of this area, I’m embarresed by their actions. They will wait for you at the reduced speed limit signs. If you are a smart motorist and unfortunatly ticketed by this department, please note the location where you supposedly violated the law, these officers tend to write tickets out of their jurisdiction. Too bad if you are from out of town, because just your presence at court will get your ticket dismissed.

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