Williamsburg, Virginia Speed Traps

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Monticello Ave./Rt 5000 at Henley Dr

Williamsburg, VirginiaFeb 11, 20190 Comments

This stretch of road eastbound is about a half-mile past where the speed limit has gone from 55 to 45 without any change in character; it used to stay at 55 and still should. After years of seeing virtually no enforcement on this stretch, it is now happening at least once a week, shooting in both directions. Traffic coming eastbound with a green light at the Rt 5 intersection is pretty likely to be at risk. Westbound, this stretch offers fair concealment and again, the quality of this country stretch just invites higher speed. Start crowding 55 and you might be pulled over.

Jamestown Rd. at the Lake Powell Bridge

Williamsburg, VirginiaFeb 26, 20180 Comments

The posted speed limit heading south from Williamsburg is 35mph. The road is narrow, rolling, without shoulders. The posted speed limit along this stretch is a good idea. However, just before one gets to the Lake Powell bridge there is a hill that descends to the level of the lake. It is almost impossible to keep under the limit on this hill unless you ride your brakes. It is here that the cops wait. They will be on the right or at the entrance of a development on the left. The reason for their being here really makes little sense from a safety stand point because the speed limit immediately increases to 45 on the other side of the bridge. This is not an area where there are pedestrians or even cars pulling out from side streets. I know this road well and have become very careful. I’ve seen many, many cars pulled over. I’m of the opinion that this is a revenue generating tactic.


Williamsburg, VirginiaFeb 19, 20131 Comments

The village of Toano is a long-established speed trap and the James City police take advantage of the fluctuating speed limit. Coming into Toano from the west on Route 60 the speed limit quickly declines from 55, to 45, then 35. Exiting Toano heading east the speed limit lingers at 35 longer than you’d expect, finally going back to 45 well outside the village. Often the police park their vehicles near the entrance to the school on the east bound lane, within sight of the 45-mph sign. But watch out, don’t accelerate to 45 until you pass the sign! Otherwise it’ll be "gotcha" when you think the speed limit is 45 (you can see the sign, right?) and the revenue-collecting officer reminds you that it’s 35.

Longhill Rd. between the Longhill Connector and Ironbound

Williamsburg, VirginiaMar 16, 20120 Comments

Popular shortcut, but residential. 25 mph limit with a $200 bonus fine. Cruisers often sit in the parking lot of the Kiwanis Park.

Rt. 60 Bypass between Rt. 5 and Parkway Dr.

Williamsburg, VirginiaMar 16, 20120 Comments

Speed reduces from 45 to 35, then quickly to 25. The 25 mph sign is easy to miss, shaded under trees. Cruisers sit in a sunken driveway (no residence) on the south side just beyond the 25 mph sign (going west). It’s also just pass the Colonial Williamsburg visitor center, nice place to nail tourists! Visitors beware.

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