Bainbridge Island, Washington Speed Traps

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Madison AVE N. Just north of the roundabout

Bainbridge Island, WashingtonFeb 08, 20111 Comments

Officers will sit in their dark colored cars, to blend in with the parents dropping off kids, on the St.Cecilias church side of the road between 7:00am to about 9:00am and tag drivers going over 20mph in the school zone.
Use Highway 305 in the mornings to bypass this trap altogether.

The Bottom of Baker Hill Road at Lynwood Center Road

Bainbridge Island, WashingtonJun 28, 20100 Comments

As commuters head to work in the morning, the patrol car parks at the bottom of the hill and clocks you when you are at your fastest (trying to catch a ferry?). As easy as it is to barrel down this huge hill, please tap the brakes and keep it under 40 mph. The cop that wrote my FIRST EVER speeding ticket in 14 years of driving said he wouldn’t bother with anyone going under 40 mph. I was going over 50 for sure and he cut me a break. There’s about a 1 in 30 chance of seeing a trap here, which makes it all the more bothersome.

State Highway 305

Bainbridge Island, WashingtonSep 17, 20080 Comments

Any and all main streets on Bainbridge Island are speed traps, especialy 305 near the Winslow Ferry terminal, Madison Avenue esp. near the schools, High School Road, Miller Road, and Koura Road. Officers can be expected to be lurking in any and all pullouts along these roads, usually obscured behind trees or other obstacles, and will often follow you for a mile or more. Even though posted speed limits are uncomfortably low, officers will write you up for speeds only 5 mph in excess of posted limits. DRIVE EXTREMELY SLOWLY ON ANY AND ALL MAIN STREETS ON THE ISLAND.

Miller Bay Road near Koura Road

Bainbridge Island, WashingtonAug 14, 20081 Comments

Between Koura and State Hwy 305, blind corner at bottom of hill. I saw TWO radar traps recently. You pass one, think you’re Okay, and right around the corner is ANOTHER one! Tricky! Speed is now 35 MPH there.

State Highway 305 near Ferry Dock

Bainbridge Island, WashingtonJun 01, 20080 Comments

Traffic Light Before Ferry Dock a Bainbridge Inland Police Car will sit starting at night fall . I see at times three to four speeders ticketed per night . Also HWY 305 from ferry Dock to next town of Pouslbo will see two to three patrol cars sitting with lights out on shoulder every night .


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