Bellingham, Washington Speed Traps

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Lakeway Drive near Interstate 5

Bellingham, WashingtonApr 14, 20080 Comments

After exiting I 5 on Lakeway and heading east, the speed limit is 25 mph. Travel about a mile and the speed limit will quickly change to 35 mph. The police wait on a side street less than a block away from the 35 mph sign coming up. If you accelerate too early when you spy the "35 mph" sign ahead, they are there waiting for your easy money. Anything 5 mph over or more and they will not back down.


State Highway Mt. Baker near Mt. Baker Highway & McLeod Rd. Crossing

Bellingham, WashingtonApr 04, 20080 Comments

At the intersection of Mt. Baker Hwy and McLeod Rd, there’s a cop that sits out in the field. He is there sometimes during the day when school gets out or evening rush hour but mostly at night, all night and will sit just outside of the road lights so you can barely see him until it’s too late. I have noticed that most of the time there will be two cops.


Bill McDonald Parkway near Sehome High School

Bellingham, WashingtonMar 29, 20080 Comments

24th st. and Bill McDonald Parkway. Officer on Motorcycle, hides behind bushes.


North Shore Road near Dellesta Entry

Bellingham, WashingtonMar 10, 20080 Comments

County Sheriff parks in the entry to the Dellesta Park private road and radars people going both directions on North Shore. It’s difficult to see him going south as he is there right after a curve in the road.


James Street near Carolina Street

Bellingham, WashingtonFeb 20, 20080 Comments

One cranky motorcycle cop sits either on Kentucky or Carolina with his radar gun and gets anyone that is going over 25MPH. He shows no mercy. So if you’re heading down James between about 7:30 and 9am during the weekday, watch out.

There is a sign posted somewhere by Hardware Sales that says 25MPH but if you’re not looking for it, it is hard to see as trees obstruct it. And realistically most people travel at least 30MPH on James.


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