Blaine, Washington Speed Traps

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Southbound just out of the truck border crossing.

Blaine, WashingtonSep 04, 20180 Comments

I was stopped late last night once I entered the country right after I got out of customs by Blaine PD. It’s natural thought to assume you are just in the process of entering I-5 there. But, the fact is that you are still in the city of Blaine. It’s 25 MPH there then goes up to 40 MPH. I immediately sped up to 53 treating it like it was a freeway entrance because that’s how it felt. I then saw the lights behind me. I pulled over thinking he was responding to a call and would just go around me. But, he then pulled in behind me. He told me he could arrest me for going over double the speed limit. I admitted I was speeding and apologized so he didn’t even give me a ticket. But, just remember to be careful when entering the country there. You are still in the city of Blaine and the freeway entrance isn’t until you get down the road a ways. I imagine a lot of people are doing the same thing. Be aware that the speed limit is 25.

Entering Washington from Canada from Blaine

Blaine, WashingtonDec 01, 20160 Comments

There is a Blaine office that is giving tickets for running the stop sign when exiting the border control. As soon as he gives a ticket he rushes back and does it again. We sat at the mini mart after getting our ticket and watched him give 4 tickets one after another for the same thing. It’s a scam because I know for a fact we stopped at the stop sign because I said wow that stop sign is almost hidden and we stopped at it any way. Within 5 second of clearing it we got pulled over for running it. SCAM and can’t fight it.

Northbound on Peace Portal Drive (Old Pacific Hwy)

Blaine, WashingtonDec 07, 20100 Comments

There are a couple. They often park at the the Chucks Drive in, sneaky like with all there lights off, except the computer monitor, which if your paying attention, you can see from a bit, this is coming north into downtown, make sure you going 35, and another spot where the speed limit drops to 25, not far north of there, make sure you go the speed limit everywhere in town, because you never know where they are hiding.

They also night and day sometimes park facing West of overpass along D St. from Pacific Hwy, Truck Crossing, I think that’s 543, and watch for folks going either east or west, make sure you going 25, this is a big revenue generator for the City, I see many folks here with sad faces. Really D St. is a main road and should be at least 30mph.

By the stop sign at Peace Portal Drive and H St.

Blaine, WashingtonDec 07, 20100 Comments

They OFTEN, park or hide, either facing west on H St. right at the building
at the intersection, or in the parking lot on the SW side of the intersection. I’ve lost count of how many folks get tickets here.

I mean they are ticketing for real bs stuff, if you don’t come to a complete absolute stop, put it in park and count to 5, type of crap. This has to stop. There are fewer and fewer people coming into town, and I’m sure that this is one of the reasons.

US Highway Interstate 5 near Interstate

Blaine, WashingtonAug 23, 20080 Comments

Blaine City Police are now regularly out on I5 in the center median between exit 270 and 274 right where the city boundry begins.

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